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    Open Gaming Menagerie

    January 1, 2005


    Newly added to the 2013 calendar is our Wednesday evening Open Gaming Menagerie. This is for everyone that can’t seem to find a time to play their favorite game on a scheduled night, and we think it’s the best possible place to try something new you’ve been eyeing for a while. You’re welcome to bring in something to teach or just dive into someone else’s game. We’ll be posting weekly to our forum and Facebook page about anything that the staff is eager to show off, and we hope you’ll chime there with suggestions and fun plans of your own.

    Diverse, fun open gaming. That’s our Wednesday evenings from now on. Come help make it great – the more, the better!

    When it’s happening: Every Wednesday, 6-10pm
    Genre: Open Gaming
    Who’s organizing: Andre and Mike