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    You Expect Me to Play This?

    January 2, 2009


    Not sure about that board game you got for the Holiday? Feeling like that rulebook is unintelligible and too hard to decipher? Only used to Monopoly and Clue and learning your first European-style board game?

    Let us help!

    On Thursday, January 15th, Gamescape North invites you to come down to the store for a special learn-to-play event. Our staff will be on hand to answer any lingering rules or mechanics questions you might have about the games you got as prezzies. It’s free and fun, and represents part of what we do pretty much every Thursday at our regular Board Game Night. We ask that you leave a message on our forum and tell us what you’ll be bringing, and we’ll be sure to be ready to show you how to play. And yes! We’ll cover the games we carry that were written up in the S.F Chronicle this year…or last year, for that matter!

    Thursday, January 15th 6-10pm
    Play-What-You-Got-For-the-Holidays at Gamescape
    We’re the game experts. We can help your need to play.