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    WoW Minis February Arena Battle

    February 16, 2009

    This coming Saturday, we’re hosting another World of Warcraft CMG Arena Battle at Gamescape! We see nothing but good things ahead for this game, and it’s been drawing a great crowd from a wide demographic of fans – both miniatures and MMORPG fanatics. We’re also really impressed with UDE’s prize support, consisting of limited-edition figures and special foil promo cards, and we’re greatly looking forward to their first raid set: Onyxia’s Lair! More on that as it happens; suffice it to say it’s going to be a crazy gaming set.

    For our Arena Battle, each participant will bring three miniatures of any total points value to the tournament, supported by a total of three Action Bar Cards per miniature. These nine ABCs are each player’s total sideboard, and they may choose two ABCs for each miniature at the beginning of every match. Arena Teams and Action Bar Card lists must be submitted before the tournament, preferably by e-mail. The entrance fee is $10 and there will be a host of prizes for the top rated players. More info, as always, on the forums.

    Saturday, February 21st 1-5pm
    WoW CMG Arena Battle at Gamescape
    For the Horde? For the Alliance? Back it up!