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    GRPA Podge Cast V3 #2

    February 23, 2009

    Because our first V3 event went so well last December, and because we really think the idea of a national gaming day is a cool idea, we’re joining the Podge Cast roster for another run – a Saturday filled with role-playing and board gaming all day long! The philosophy is simple: create a great excuse to bring the gaming community out to play at its local venues. While we’ve been doing that kind of thing at Gamescape for years, the guys over at the Podge are pushing for a semi-regular national gaming day that is unified under the V3 banner: we came, we saw, and we played the day away!

    The format of the February V3 is twofold. In true GRPA style, we’ve got a line-up of great one-shot role-playing games starting at noon. If you’d like to participate in one of the games described below, simply e-mail or call us to sign up and we’ll scribble your name down. You need not have any experience with the game system or world, as the GM will hand you a ready-to-play character and briefly take you through the mechanics and background of the game being run. The only thing you have to do is play.

    The other thing we’ll be doing at the event is opening up our tables to free board gaming. If there’s anything at all you’d like to bring or start up, feel free to call up your friends and use our space. The environment is just right for such things, and we expect a very good turnout for the occasion – a perfect way to meet other people with similar interests. If you’ve got any good ideas for games to play or you’d like to reserve one of our tables, feel free to post in our Board Game forum and see who’ll show up.

    And, since we’re hosting our monthly Pizza & Painting Night later that evening, you can bring your miniatures and hobby supplies and stick around for some creative fun and productivity!

    GRPA Podge Cast V3 Event – Saturday, Feb. 28th 12-6pm


    Game #1 – From the Bloodstained Minutes of the New Arkham Skeptical Society
    Hunter: The Vigil

    4-5 Players
    GM – Paul Wise

    The minutes begin: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. The fifty-sixth monthly meeting of the New Arkham Skeptical Society shall come to order. It’s been an exciting year for us so far. As you all know, we have recently uncovered evidence which indicates that a previously undocumented species is currently living intermingled with the human population. In spite of our best efforts, these ‘hemophages’ have proven remarkably difficult to document. My fellow Skeptics, I am pleased to announce that tonight, all of that changes. Thanks in part to the generous contributions of the Cheiron Group, in affiliation with Pentex Inc., tonight we have the rare opportunity to advance the cause of science in spite of the stranglehold that certain parties hold over the halls of traditional academia. Tonight, we will capture and study a vampire.” 
    As a member of the New Arkham Skeptical Society, prepare yourself to enter a World of Darkness…


    Game #2 – Extremis Diabolus
    Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40K RPG)
    3-8 Players
    GM – Walter Wrigglesworth

    In the grim darkness of the far future, man is threatened by all manner of dangers. The Alien, the Heretic, the Psyker, threats both obvious and secret. The blessed servants of the Holy Inquisition are the last line of defense against the myriad hazards encroaching upon the Imperium. You are a member of the retinue of Hetris Lugenbrau, an inquisitor of legendary skill and unparalleled faith. He has tasked you, his trusted lieutenants, to seek out the focus of a great manifestation of Chaos in the Calixis sector. A massive surge of cult activity, strange babblings of formerly sane psykers, and unexplained phenomena have plagued the shrine world of Sentinel. You know not why this has begun now, on Sentinel, but you do know that a great and famous heretic has come to this system, and he is known to be the keeper of a great many profane and powerful texts. In the name of the Golden Throne, you must hunt down the cultists and their master, end their machinations, and wipe their heresies from the face of the Imperium!

    This adventure is built to offer something for players from all schools of gaming. Role-playing elements will be heavy early on as the group investigates, but the more trigger-happy players will have a chance to shine, as the point of the adventure is to stamp out the cult that has sprung up on Sentinel. The adventure can be completed a number of ways, so come to the table with an open mind
    In keeping with the nature of 40k, the adventure is grim and dark, with madness and death being very real possibilities. Some knowledge of the basic Warhammer 40,000 universe is appreciated and helpful, but not required. New players are, as always, welcome.


    Game #3 – The Great & Glorious Rat Hunt
    D6 Story-based Game
    3-5 Players
    GM – Susan Jane Ankeney

    Your loosely-organized band of adventurers are seeking fame and glory in a very story-based game. The problem with your want-to-be adventurers is you have no mission that will prove your worth. It just so happens that you will be sitting in an outdoor cafe covertly drinking 100-proof, when a group of thugs called The Rat Boys challenges you to a little hunt. The most rats caught dead or alive (counts double) this night will be paid in a gold’s worth of 100-proof. For some reason this sounds like a good idea. So it came to pass that The Great Rat Hunt was on! This is a d6 based game with plenty of skill and stat rolls, lots of cantrips, and tons of role-playing. This will be a very interactive game! Alas, characters will be provided.


    Game #4 – A Cabin in the Woods
    Call of Cthulhu Modern
    6-8 Players
    GM – Greg Frank

    Oh yeah! You got two weeks off from work and are ready to PARTY! Exploring Craig’s List, you found a sweet deal. Someone was renting out their cabin in the woods for FREE. Heck yeah! They’re asking for a research assistant, and all you have to do is spend a few hours recording some notes on a pad of paper and you get the cabin for two weeks free of charge. It even says you can bring friends. Why not? It’s been a while since the gang has hung out together. Responding to the ad, the man you spoke to over the phone sounded like a very nice chap. He informed you that he’d been exploring the ancient ruins of some civilization or aliens or whatever…who cares, right? FREE CABIN. So you hopped in the car, got the gang together, and off you went. You had to park about a mile back because the woods were very thick, so you hiked on foot for a while. When you arrived at the cabin, you found it abandoned. No sign of anyone at all. Why it’s abandoned, you have no idea. But, hey – it is a free cabin and now you don’t have to do any work, HECK YEAH! What could possibly go wrong?


    GRPA Podge Cast V3 Event: Saturday, Feb. 28th 12-6pm
    Where: Gamescape North, San Rafael

    Please call the store (415.457.8698) or (Email Us) to reserve a spot in any of the above games.