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    Pizza & Painting, Redux

    February 26, 2009

    Ah, it’s great to see this as a monthly event once again – an opportunity to come hang out, chow down, and get those units painted. Pizza & Painting night is old tradition at Gamescape that’s been generating tons of hype now that we’ve revitalized it. As usual, we’ll meet at 6pm in the back of the store and give you the space to work. You bring your minis, paints, and supplies. It’s a free clinic where we can socialize, get stuff done, and chow down. We’ll order pizza from one of the local dough-flippers and have at. And we welcome you to come earlier in the day and take advantage of our V3 Podge Cast Game Event, then stay for the grub and the creativity.

    Let us know if you’re coming by posting here.


    Saturday, February 28th 6-10pm
    Pizza & Painting Night at Gamescape
    Bring the lead. We’re gonna get saucy.