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    Worldwide D&D Game Day 2009

    March 11, 2009

    Worldwide Game Day

    Come celebrate the game that put the role-playing hobby on the map! We’ll be playing through the day at tables around the store, chowing down on sandwiches and snacks, and drooling over the release of the Player’s Handbook II – and we’ve got plenty of room for you. Every year, Wizards of the Coast defines a single day as a massive Dungeons & Dragons celebration, and gaming stores around the world participate in their own ways. Ours is focused on providing you some excellent one-shot adventures and a great environment in which to play them. Whether you’ve jumped on board with 4th Edition or have been playing since the 1970s, whatever your experience level, we’re happy to have you join in one of the games we’re running. Read on below for synopses of the planned games, and contact us as soon as possible to reserve one a spot in one of them. Please give us your first and second choices in case the one you want most is full. We absolutely will have open tables for pick-up games if people are interested in showing up and playing. So last-minute Dungeon Masters, take heed!

    And for those of you who’d like to spend the whole day with us, WWD will turn in to March’s Pizza & Painting Night at 6pm. Feel free to bring your paint and minis and claim a table – this has been one Gamescape’s most fun events and we’re always welcoming new people to sit down and get crafty with us…


    Worldwide D&D Game Day 2009 – Saturday, March 21st 12-6pm

    Game #1 – One Dark Night in Weeping Briar

    D&D 4.0 – 11th Level
    5 Players
    GM – Jeremy Holt

    Centuries ago, before the town of Weeping Briar existed, there was little more than an encampment of barbaric savages that worshipped Tharizdun, the Chained God. When the land was settled, the cult was put to the torch, their foul rites passing beyond the memory of all but the savage humanoids of the hills. Years passed, and with civilization came trade and prosperity. The town grew and spread until one villager heard whispers. Solphi, the miller’s daughter, was a sensitive girl who mostly kept to herself. When she began to complain to her father of strange voices whispering in the night and cries of pain echoing in from the hills, he ordered her silence, afraid that the other villagers might fear the taint of madness and refuse his business. Solphi soon fled from the village, praying for someone to save her and rescue her family and friends from the impending doom…


    Game #2 – Cauldron of Dreams
    D&D 4.0 – 6th Level

    4 Players
    GM – Richard Pocklington

    Asha, priestess of the crescent moon, lies sleeping upon the altar of Ul before you. Will you dare enter the dream-world of Ul and free her from the tyranny of endless night? What baleful hauntings dwell in the ethereal realm deep within her furrowed brow? Expect an even mix of goal-directed role-playing and combat action. Swing your sword too hastily and you may cut off more fruitful oportunities. However, if you are tardy in raising your blade, enemies may surround and destroy you.


    Game #3 – Coppernight Hold
    D&D 4.0 – 1st Level

    5 Players
    GM – Andre Sisneros

    Kavalar Coppernight, a Dwarven prospector, led a couple of dozen volunteers in a quest for rich veins of ore. Several months ago, they began underground mining operations, as well as a surface excavation for a small keep. Hearing of this development, the mayor of the nearest town sent two veteran militia members to investigate. They should have returned two days ago, and the mayor is growing anxious. You, as brave citizens and daring adventurers, have answered the mayor’s call to find out what has happened to his men!


    Worldwide D&D Game Day 2009: Saturday, March 21st 12-6pm
    Where: Gamescape North, San Rafael

    Please call the store (415.457.8698) or (Email Us) to reserve a spot in any of the above games.