New Board Games

Some great new board games came in the door today – just in time for our Board Game Night later this evening. First, we have Days of Wonder’s much-hyped Small World, a civilization-building game with a ton of fantastic and mystical races all squished onto the board. Since only your race can prevail, you have to use your special powers and tactics carefully, sometimes helping and sometimes hurting your neighbors. Anyone familiar with playing a miniatures campaign should pick up on this one easily, and it’s accessible for first-time Euro board gamers, too.


Ever since Fantasy Flight took over production of the new edition of Talisman, we’ve been enjoying revisiting old memories of hoarding loot and turning opponents into frogs. And FFG is doing it right: a solid release schedule, lots of nifty pieces, and fully-supported expansions, just like the old days! The Dungeon gives you an entirely new mapboard, a hundred new cards, five more playable characters, and countless subterranean adventures to play.

Want to check out either of these beauties? Come by our weekly Thursday Board Game Night, 6-10pm, or pop on in whenever and we’ll show you the goods.