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    The New Qwirkle Revolution

    May 9, 2009

    At long last, the follow up to Gamescape’s best-selling game is available! Qwirkle Cubes plays like the original Qwirkle but with a different strategy, and we think it’s even more challenging and more fun. Each player gets to roll dice with the traditional Qwirkle shapes and colors and then decide which ones to keep and which ones to play in rows and columns. Everyone’s got an open hand, so there’s a deeper level of strategy in speculating how your opponents are going to play, and there’s more choice with how you get to score from the random dice draw. We’re incredibly proud to have Susan Mckinley Ross as a local designer, and we’re delighted that the Qwirkle series is such a hit!

    Photo courtesy of Board Game Geek. Click the pic for the ‘Geek review.