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    Gamescape's KublaCon 2009 Schedule

    May 14, 2009

    Memorial Day Weekend – May 22-25
    Burlingame Hyatt Regency
    1333 Bayshore Highway
    Burlingame, CA 94010

    We pretty much consider KublaCon to be the Bay Area’s best gaming event – so much so that we’re going to be there doing a ton of stuff all weekend long. We hope you’ll come down and have some fun, play some games, and get excited about the state of gaming in our backyard. And if you have time amidst the crazy plethora of events being offered at the convention, come say hi to us!

    While we don’t contribute to most local conventions with a storefront in the Dealer’s Room, we instead choose to represent the store by running a bunch of great participatory games throughout the convention. We’ve compiled this year’s list of what we’re doing below in case anyone’s planning on attending and wants to drop by. Click below for more!


    Friday 6pm-10:30pmArrival, load-in, and drinks & munchies at Knuckles Sports Bar.
    It’s a great way for us to get into the mood for a weekend of gaming, and to find out what our crew’s con schedules are looking like. And MAN are their chicken strips tasty.

    Friday 11pm-1amFlea Market (Ballroom A)
    We’ve got a couple of tables rented to clear out some of the “lost and forgotten” stock from the basement and back room. We’ve been digging around for the past year and have found a ton of stuff that is perfect for perfunctory pickings. Even WE don’t know what we’re going to find! As the old adage states: one person’s trash is another’s garbage. Or something like that.

    Saturday 11am-2pmWar of the Ring Demo (Regency Foyer)
    Saturday 3pm-6pmWar of the Ring Demo (Regency Foyer)
    Who needs skirmishing when you can take part in titanic battles for the fate of Middle Earth? Join the staff of Gamescape North for a demo of Games Workshop’s new Lord of the Rings mass-combat system. A column of Sauron’s troops is marching toward the Black Gate to further swell the armies now gathering in the dark land of Mordor. Should these forces pass through the Black Gate, they will be unassailable, so the forces of Good must attack their foes upon the open road. The advantage of surprise and position lie with the ambushers, but they can they overwhelm their quarry and win the day?

    Saturday 11am-5pmWorld of Warcraft CMG Kubla Tournament (Grand Foyer)
    As the battles between Alliance and Horde rage across Azeroth, Outland, and Northrend, a new kind of champion is emerging: the Miniatures Arena Warlord! Prepare yourself for an all-out throwdown in the KublaCon Battleground Arena as players from all over the Bay Area and beyond send in their teams to wreak havoc and walk away as the toughest and craftiest – and least squishy – arena team in all of the World of Warcraft.

    Saturday 7pm-8pmDarren’s War College Presentation (Bayside A)
    Bloody Backs and the Sinews of Power: British Army Recruitment in the 18th Century. While celebrated at home and reviled abroad, the 18th-Century British solider was undoubtedly the prehensile digit on the arm of empire. Who were these formidable redcoats and how did they find their places in the ranks of one of the most adaptable, effective armies of the period? Examining both willing and forced volunteers, line infantrymen and officers, this presentation will seek to explain the daily life of a new “lobsterback” recruit in Britain, on the Continent, and in the New World during the Age of Enlightenment.

    Saturday 8:30pm-LateOpen Gaming Night with Gamescape
    We like to unwind a bit after a hard day of playing and get some dinner in the hotel, followed by a night of board games and whatever else goes at the Open Gaming tables. Of course, we welcome any of our regulars (and prospective regulars!) to join us and enjoy a late night of fun. We’re much more relaxed when pulled from behind the counter.

    Sunday 10am-7pmFlames of War Kubla Tournament (Regency Foyer)
    Join the staff of Gamescape North for THE definitive Bay Area Flames of War tournament – a Battlefront National Qualifier! Set in Late War, we’ll be using the complete 2nd Edition rules with 1750-point army choices exclusively from the main rulebook; the following Intelligence Handbooks: Fortress Europe and D Minus 1; and the following Campaign Books: D-Day, Bloody Omaha, Villers-Bocage, Monty’s Meatgrinder, Cobra, Stalin’s Onslaught, and Hammer & Sickle. No PDF lists will be allowed this year. All army lists will be reviewed before the tournament to ensure accurate composition. Games will be held in 2.5-hour blocks. Prize support will be thick, provided by both Battlefront and Gamescape. All army lists should be pre-submitted and any pre-tournament queries should be directed to the Gamescape staff. Please include which book your list is made from when submitting army lists.


    Of course, there are a heap of gaming events going on all weekend long, and you can find a .pdf of the schedule at the Kubla site for a detailed breakdown. If you have any questions at all or want to know more about any aspect of the convention, visit the KublaCon website or contact us soon. Hope to see you at the con!