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    Flames of War Tourney Highlights

    May 28, 2009

    Now that the dust has settled and we’ve put the boards away, we can give you a quick recap of the amazing Flames of War qualifier we ran at this year’s KublaCon. No less than twenty people showed up and hammered out their lines of battle on a spread of awesome game tables that we brought in from the store. It was a ton of lifting, making little villages, and sizing up line-of-sight from each side of the boards, but it was totally worth it and everyone seemed to have a great time.



    We were most impressed with the great sportsmanship everyone displayed, which was proven in the very difficult time we had sizing up that portion of the scoring. We’re starting to see a number of regulars showing up at our yearly Kubla tourney, and we got to meet some very nice and enthusiastic newcomers, as well. One player even journeyed all the way from Idaho to be a part of it!



    We want to extend a hearty thanks to all the participants who came from all over the state and beyond, and we can’t wait for next year! A list of the qualifying winners is posted after the break, as well as a couple more videos of the tournament.

    Overall Champion: Dave Ripperda
    2nd Place: Tim Lucchesi
    3rd Place: John Leary
    Best Sportsman: David Partak
    Best Appearance: David Dwight