WotC Gift With Purchase Weekend

The nice folks at Wizards of the Coast have sent us a huge box of free gaming items to give out to you, and we thought you’d want to know. Friday, June 12th to Monday, June 14th, all you have to do is come in and spend at least $15 on WotC product, and you get your choice of free stuff. Since these guys have such a large stable of games available in their line-up, it’s easy to do. You can choose from Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Avalon Hill board games, Star Wars Miniatures, Axis & Allies…whatever you like. And then you get to choose from a number of items for free: MTG decks, D&D Minis boosters, Star Wars CMG starters, or a hardback novel from R.A. Salvatore. Drop by on the weekend and check it out for some free lewt!


WotC Gift with Purchase Weekend: Friday, June 12th to Monday, June 14th
Where: Right here!