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    Free RPG Day 2009 Lineup

    June 11, 2009

    The list of sponsors for this year’s Free RPG Day is impressive, including Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf, Goodman Games, Fantasy Flight, Lone Wolf, Mongoose, and a bunch more. Each of these publishers has created a special gaming book for the event, and they’ll all be on the counter for you to peruse and take home – for free! And while we can’t break out the goodies until the 20th, we can tell you that a couple of the highlights include an intro to the new World of Darkness game and an awesome Eberron adventure featuring a horde of Warforged. In addition, we’ll be offering free drinks and snacks, and a great environment in which to try out some new role-playing worlds!

    Click the link for the official lineup of role-playing games scheduled for Free RPG Day on Saturday, June 20th. Have a look below, and if you’d like to join us for any of these sessions, please select a game in which you’d like to participate and either call or write us back with your name and selection. All games are free and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you’ll be responded to immediately with your status in the game.

    Saturday, June 20th 12-6pm

    Game #1 – Winter Night
    Mouse Guard RPG
    3-4 Players
    GM – Doug Hagler

    Winter is a time for rest, recuperation, and enjoying the fruits of fall foraging – for everyone but the Guard. As snow layers upon snow, and the bitter wind makes the dry branches rattle, you continue to be called out to serve mousekind. Many days ago, a Guard troupe was sent to deliver important mail to the little hamlet of Briar. They should have returned by now, and you are the Guards sent to find out what has become of them. You dress warmly, gather supplies and head out, knowing that though many predators have left the Mouse Territories for winter, it is the weather itself that might be the end of you. Something in your gut tells you, however, that it was more than just winter that was involved in the disappearance of your fellow Guardmice…

    This is a good game for new or inexperienced players, fans of anthropomorphic mice, and people who liked Burning Wheel but felt that it was too complicated. Though the players will portray mice, adult themes may emerge in-game. There will be a brief intro to the rules, and the rest will be learned as we go.

    Game #2 – The Mean Streets of Redmond
    Shadowrun 4th Ed.

    4-8 Players
    GM – Robert Mackensen

    Alright, omae, this is the real deal. I know life out here in the barrens ain’t exactly a barrel of laughs, but we got a chance now. You know that raggedy-hooped go-gang, the Crimson Crush? Y’know, the ones with all the bikes and guns, but not two brain cells to rub together? Well, they rolled a smash-and-trash into Halloweener territory a couple of days ago, and I guess they really tore ’em up. This is our chance. The ‘weeners do a big trade in bliss, eX, deepweed, even novacoke. But they’re weak right now, so now’s our time to strike. We gotta get our chummers together and hit ’em now. Tonight or tomorrow, at the latest. We can take their territory, and then we can be sittin’ pretty at the top o’ that heap, rolling in the nuyen. We may have to get some help, and we know that going and fragging their drek up in the barrens won’t be easy. So gear up, and let’s go. Are you ready?

    This game is a low-power Shadowrun adventure, where the players take on the role of a group of gangers in Seattle’s worst district. The gang is trying to carve out a territory and a business for themselves by the simple expedient of smashing another gang’s operation down and taking over their assets. Expect role-playing elements at the beginning of the game in the vein of low-level criminals, forging connections, recruiting muscle, bribing the authorities, intimidation, and information gathering. However, as the end-game approaches, and the gang moves on Halloweener territory, the game will most likely become very violent and combat-centric. Players under 13, or players incapable of a (fairly lax) standard of maturity, should use discretion New players are, as always, welcome.

    Game #3 – Into the Breach Once More… (Part 2)
    Serenity RPG (Cortex System)

    4-8 Players
    GM – Joshua Dunham

    After the gallant crew of Serenity nearly botched a rescue/smuggling mission, they found that the package they were asked to find and deliver was in fact a young boy stuck in a stasis chamber. The crews’ contact, Badger, suggested they return the package to its point of origin, the Moon of Hope. With many opinions not asked for by the crew, Mal decided that they would return the boy to his “home.” But apparently the Moon of Hope ain’t as cool as it sounds. Apparently there is this Omega Project that originates or is housed on the Moon of Hope. And both River and Book, in their own ways (River screaming, Book with a stern word), voiced their opposition to flying to the Moon of Hope. But oh, well – someone’s gotta get paid. And so you’re off! Join the crew of Serenity; Mal, Zoe, Wash, Jayne, Kaylee, Simon, River, Inara, and Shepherd Book in this action-packed, free-for-all, rats-in-a-barrel, Alliance-thumping, Browncoat-blessing game-of-games!

    Game #4 – Murder in the Shadows of the Night
    Call of Cthulhu Modern
    5-8 Players
    GM – Greg Frank

    There’s been a murder! It happened late last night in San Francisco; a woman was found ripped to shreds, and her killer had an expert knowledge of human anatomy. This is not the first. In fact, it’s the tenth, and the police are totally stumped…that is, until the letter came: “Dear San Francisco, I have returned – on the other side of the ocean! The world has missed me, that much I know. After all the movies, novels, comics and parodies… I do so enjoy to revisit my past achievements. Be ready, as Number 11 will have a fun surpise for you. Yours, JTR.” The postmark only reads “From Hell“. Hired on as vital consultants for a case daunting even to the modern police force, you’ll need to pinch your noses and get down and dirty to find the killer before he strikes again!

    If you’ve played before in a CoC game and have kept your character, bring it with you! If not, plenty of characters will be pre-generated and provided. Also, please prepare for creating two elements about your character. First, what might your character fear? Second, be ready to describe any emotional or physical idiosyncrasies your character might have. And remember: the GM will take advantage of these things!

    Free RPG Day 2009: Saturday, June 20th 12-6pm

    Please call the store (415.457.8698) or (Email Us) to reserve a spot in any of the above games.