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    Firestorm – Operation: Bagration

    June 29, 2009

    Firestorm has arrived!

    Throughout the end of July and all of August, Gamescape North is presenting a very special summer Flames of War campaign, and it’s open to all Late-War players of all army sizes. Raging battles will be fought over precious rail resources, through massive tracts of the Soviet steppes, and within well-defended German Festerplatz. Army commanders will conspire under low light with their generals to devise the best and most efficient battle plans. And the spoils shall go to the victor – of which there can be only one. And did we mention the loot?

    We’re taking a magnetic version of the Firestorm: Bagration map board and hanging it on the wall to track progression in the campaign for all to see. Every player will choose an army and spend time with other commanders on their side, as well as their commanding general, plotting their turn’s movement and strategy. And we’ll be throwing down all across the Soviet Motherland throughout four weekends in July and August. The more games that are played, the better your team will do, and all commanders really need to know are the basic Flames of War rules and some introductory campaign elements that will be explained on the first day. Specifics can be found after clicking on the link.

    When: We’ll be playing the 26th June 1944 Campaign, which will have four turns over four weekends. It’s very low-commitment because we know everyone’s very busy with lots of things, and we want as many people to join as possible. To this end, we’ll be meeting on Saturdays: July 18th, August 1st, August 15th, and August 29th. Game times will be between 12 noon and 6pm. Players need not attend every Campaign Turn, but the more you play, the better chance your side has of winning.

    Organization: All Late-War armies are permitted, of almost any size. Because commanders (you) will be challenging other players, you get to mutually decide on a points value with the enemy. Some battles might be 1000-points and some could even be 3000-points, if time permits. This means you’ll want to bring a force with lots of pre-designed modularity so you can adapt to the agreed-upon points value. All army lists from FoW 2nd Edition Late-War books will allowed, as well as any Official .pdf lists from the Battlefront website. We’ll be checking all lists before the battles, so please check your composition carefully! There are provisions within the campaign rules for all nationalities, which means that everyone can play – even Western Front armies.

    Hierarchy: Darren and Andre will be taking the coveted jobs of Army Generals – one for the Allies and one for the Axis. You’ll file in behind them and work as a council of war to determine the best course of action before every turn. They’ll be doing all the administrative work, but you can bet you’ll see them on the battlefield, as well. Your job, of course, is to destroy the enemy at any cost, and there a variety of ways in which you’ll be able to help your respective war effort.

    Again, the first meeting will be Saturday, July 18th 12-6pm. We’ll gather in the back of the store and give a brief explanation of the campaign rules, which include the following themes: map movement, capturing territory and calculating victory points, formulating battle plans, lines of supply, Divisional Support (Firestorm troops), partisans and polizei, and a few other relevant rules. Then we’re off to battle! We’ll have boards set up with easy modularity for different terrain types, and we’ll have a table to roll on of available scenarios. But don’t get mired in the organization – that’s what we’re here for. You just come and play.

    Entry for four weeks of play will be a flat fee of $10. We will, indeed, have prizes for certain categories of commanders, including Best General, Best Sportsman, Best Painted, and some surprise categories at the end of the campaign. We think this is going to be an absolute blast, and we hope you’ll come join the fray! Please direct any questions to us on the forums, and let us know ASAP if you plan on signing up. The recruitment sheet is on the counter in the store, and we can easily add your name if you intend to join. Hope to see you on July 18th!

    Please call the store (415.457.8698), post in the forums, or (Email Us) to reserve a spot in the campaign.