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    Shadowrun Anniversary Edition

    August 6, 2009

    Shadowrun Anniversary Edition

    Next Tuesday’s eagerly-awaited release of the Shadowrun 20th Anniversary edition has a bunch of us in a spin. Catalyst’s new version of the venerable role-playing game of magic and technology is almost upon us, and we want to make sure you’ve got a copy reserved if you’re planning on picking it up. Due to high demand, we’ll have a very limited number at the store; do let us know if you’d like one put aside. Specs can be found here. Contents include:

    • Premium full-color presentation includes new expanded fiction vignettes, clarified rules, and a complete master index of all five core rulebooks.
    • In-game technology and themes reflect modern technology and trends.
    • Completely full color with amazing illustrations showing Shadowrun as its never been seen before.

    Release date: 8/11
    Price: $44.99
    (Shoot us a mail) or call the store if you want one!