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    Pathfinder is Almost Here!

    August 8, 2009

    Pathfinder RPG Incoming!

    Undoubtedly one of the biggest role-playing events of the year, the highly-anticipated release of the Pathfinder Core Book from Paizo Publishing is coming up very, very soon. Building off the success of D&D 3.5, Paizo has tweaked the rules and created an amazing fantasy campaign that proudly fits the description of d20 3.75. The entire line of adventures and supplements contains amazing art, unbelievably creative writing, and a solid set of rules that is smart, concise, and very playable. The street date of the core book is Thursday, August 13th, and we’ll have a stack of the books in the store that morning available for purchase. We’ve already got a bunch of pre-orders in the book, so if you think you’ll want a copy, let us know as soon as possible – Paizo has already declared that their first print run is completely sold out.

    Release date: 8/13
    Price: $49.99
    (Give us a shout) if you’d like a copy!

    Pathfinder Cover

    We’re jumping aboard the Pathfinder tip the second it comes out, and we want to encourage folks to be a part of the new world. To that end, we’ll be running two Pathfinder games at this month’s GRPA event on Monday, August 31st, as a kind of a recruitment to judge interest in a bi-weekly game to be held at the store. These GRPA games will be one-shots run by excellent local GMs, and will really give you a flavor for the world and the rules. If we get enough people drooling over the game, we’ll set up a regular Pathfinder Society Organized Play meeting for exciting adventures on a regular basis. Let us know what you think of Pathfinder next time you’re in the store, or feel free to join in our discussion on the forums, already in progress. And click on the Pathfinder Society logo below for more on the OP!

    Pathfinder Society