The Return of Space Hulk

Space Hulk is back!

It’s back – and we’re seriously jazzed. Games Workshop has just announced a one-time reprint of the classic deep-space miniatures board game, and the news has been greeted with squeals of joy and excitement all day long. We’re getting in a limited allocation of Space Hulk which will go on sale Saturday, Sept. 5th, and we’re taking pre-orders now –  we’re almost through our entire stock, even from a reserve allocation! Everything has been totally reworked, from the board tiles to the amazing new miniature sculpts, and the box is absolutely filled with bits; check out the new Mission Status Display in the preview picture!

We have a demo copy to check out in the store if you’d like to see it, but if you think you’re going to want your own, we strongly suggest you let us know ASAP so we can reserve you one. It’s definitely first-come on these babies, and our list is already well on its way. In the depths of space, everybody can hear us screaming for Space Hulk!

Release date: 9/5
Price: $99.00
(Give us a yell) if you’re dying to get a copy!

A box full of stuff!