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    Game Fair #1

    October 15, 2009


    Welcome to Gamescape’s first Game Fair – a new event series at the store! Every month, starting in October, we’ll be holding a game exposition, what we call a Game Fair. At each event, all day long we’ll be demoing three games that we think you should be playing. Show up with nothing other than your interest, and check out one-hour demos of some of the coolest things in the store that you might not otherwise know about – or perhaps you’ve just never had a chance to see it in-person. We think it’s a great way to get hand-on experience with some games that we’re totally wild about.

    This month’s theme is great cross-over miniatures games, and we’ll be breaking out Arcane LegionsInfinity, and Space Hulk to show you how they’re played!

    Arcane Legions is a cool new semi-collectible miniatures battle game set in a world of historical fantasy. Brought to us by the creators of HeroClix, Wells Expeditions’ new game boasts some super plastic minis and a very interesting new mechanic for changing formations during the game. It adds a new level of strategy that we’ve not seen before in a minis battle game, and the system is inexpensive and easy to learn!

    Spain’s gritty sci-fi skirmish game, Infinity, is an insider’s classic at Gamescape. Never before have so many miniatures gamers from all genres so quickly congregated upon a single system. It’s got gorgeous models ready to paint, and a very interesting background and storyline that lends itself well to the mechanics of the game. Our Infinity players are always scrambling for table space to play on our other event nights, and now you can see why.

    After many years of drifting out in the cold vacuum of space, Games Workshop have finally re-released the best edition of Space Hulk that we’ve yet seen! Send in your fully-equipped Space Marines onto a massive, dead warship crawling with bug-like Genestealers. Get to the objectives before you’re eviscerated and devoured. Easy enough, right? Each mission is timed and the board is totally modular for a ton of replayability. And this release of GW’s miniatures is the most beautiful and detailed yet.

    We’ll be doing three one-hour demos for each game throughout the day, so you can be sure to check out all of them! Round One will be at 1:00pm, followed by Round Two at 2:30pm and Round Three at 4:00pm. You don’t need to bring anything but your interest and a little bit of time to spend with us. Hope to see you then!

    Saturday, October 17th 1-6pm
    Game Fair: Miniatures
    Let us show you what’s cool!