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    Game Fair #1 Demos

    October 19, 2009


    Our first Game Fair was good fun, with people getting a chance to try some cool games for the first time ever. We ran Arcane Legions, Infinity, and the new Space Hulk all day long, which let people try more than one game during their visit to the store. Check out the videos above for how it went, and definitely take a look at our calendar for the next Game Fair coming up in November!

    In this video, Andre and Ian go head-to-head in a stirring game of Infinity. We all know how “well” Andre rolls, so we must ask: was the outcome of this shot ever really in doubt? Critical Dodge FTW!

    Here we have Blaine and his Space Marines trying to stave off a horde of chitinous Genestealers aboard a dead, floating space ship. We ran four demos of Space Hulk through the day, and that from only the first two missions. This one is a lot of fun, and it has a great tenure behind it.