Veteran's Day Tribute

Medal of Honor

To give our historically-minded patrons a chance to wave their flags (whatever that flag might be), we’re dedicating every other Wednesday evening to pure historical games – and this Wednesday is a special tribute to Veteran’s Day. Whether you’re looking for opponents or searching for some new suggestions for something that’s hot, it’ll be a great night to get your strategy to meet up with your tactics. Combat Commander, Hammer of the Scots, Axis & Allies, Age of Napoleon, Memoir ‘44, Squad Leader, Conflict of Heroes, Tide of Iron, GMT, Avalanche Press…whatever you like. We’ve got the tables, the community, and the passion. You can pick from our huge library of demo games or bring your own from home. Come down and battle it out every other Wednesday evening, and feel free to discuss what will be played on our forum!

Wednesday, Nov. 11th 2009, 6-10pm
(and every other Wednesday 6-10pm)
Historical Board Game Night
Have you got the mettle?