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    Warhammer RPG 3rd Ed Demo

    November 11, 2009

    WHFRP 3.0!

    This Saturday, November 14th, we’re hosting a special sneak preview of the brand new Warhammer Fantasy RPG from Fantasy Flight Games. FFG has done a serious number on this baby, and the preview box that we got a hold of is PACKED with huge amounts of stuff. We’ve looked it over and are very impressed with their imagining of the new system. If you’re interested in joining us for a demo before the game is even released, just give us a shout and we’ll write you down for the demo. You need not have any experience with the Warhammer universe or even role-playing in general, because we’re going to give you a solid and super-fun introduction to the new edition right in the store. All you need is three hours of time on Saturday afternoon; we’ll be running two demos: one at noon-3pm and one at 4-7pm. You’ll enter a world of savage creatures, arcane magicks, and sparkling treasures the likes of which have rarely been seen in the Old World. Welcome to the world of Warhammer!

    Saturday, November 14th 12-3/4-7pm
    Warhammer Fantasy RPG 3rd Ed. Demo
    Because Orcs need a-cleavin’.

    HUGE contents!