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    It's Tanksgiving!

    November 14, 2009

    Fow Tanksgiving!

    This Saturday, we’re throwing down for a monumental battle in the back of the store. If you love WWII history, if you love miniatures gaming, or if you love oceans of monstrous steel tanks, then we’ve got the event for you. It’s Tanksgiving for the Flames of War miniatures battle game, and Gamescape is hosting!

    The idea is simple: bring a huge 2000-pt. company (or companies) of tank-rated teams from any Intelligence Handbook or .pdf list according to the rules posted here. If you don’t have your own force yet, we’ll even lend you one for the game. We’ll set you up on a massive 16’x16′ table and you get to team up with the rest of your side to “extract” the enemy. In other words: a giant king-of-the-hill tank battle that can only end in total mayhem. We’ll be taking pictures.

    If you’re interested in joining in the fun, drop us a line and let us know you’ll be showing up, with or without an army. Spend some time reading over the official Tanksgiving rules and regulations, and get your list together, if you have one. It’s a free event, so don’t be shy. There’s metal that needs some ventilation…

    Saturday, November 21st 12-6pm
    Flames of War Tanksgiving
    Nothing says brotherhood like being pinned down in a Sherman with a bunch of other guys.