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    New Year's Eve Board Game Night

    December 26, 2009

    No plans for New Year’s Eve? Come on over and play some games with us! This year we’re having an open board game night at the store that’s free and fun for anyone who wants to come down. Whether it’s something you got for the holidays that you’re eager to try out, or if you simply have no other plans and have games on the brain, we’re going to be playing all evening long and would love to have you join us. As per usual at our game nights, we’ll have plenty of tables open for anything you’d like to bring along, as well as a massive library full of games to try out. The festivities start at 6pm and we’ll be here until everyone wants to go home. If you’re looking for players for a particular game, feel free to post on our forum and see who responds. Hope to see you there!

    Thursday, December 31st 6pm-?
    New Year’s Eve Board Game Night
    Who cares about the apple – play until YOU drop!