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    Game Fair #2

    January 14, 2010

    Gamescape’s first Game Fair was a lot of fun, and we’ve decided to feature another set of great new games now that the holidays are done and we have more time to play with our customers. If you haven’t already heard about this event series, you can consider it a game exposition, what we call a Game Fair. At each event, all day long we’ll be demoing three games that we think you should be playing. Show up with nothing other than your interest, and check out short, fun demos of some of the coolest things in the store that you might not otherwise know about – or perhaps you’ve just never had a chance to see them in-person. We think it’s a great way to get hands-on experience with some games that we’re totally wild about.

    This month’s theme is great strategy board games, and we’ll be opening up Bridge Troll, Qwirkle Cubes, and Carcassonne: Wheel of Fortune to show you how they’re played! We think this selection really shows the great breadth of different games that can be considered part of the “strategy” category. For those only familiar with old favorites like chess and Monopoly, you’ll be treated to a trio of brilliant games that use interactive and abstract strategy, visual and inferential perception, and endless modular replayability.

    Bridge Troll is a recent release from Z-Man, distributors of the smash hits Pandemic and Agricola. Each player takes on the role of a horrible troll, hurling boulders at passing travelers for money and food. The game contains mechanics for bidding that require resource management and savvy, opportunities to gather goods and cash them in for game-winning points, and plenty of dark humor as unsuspecting Medieval characters are waylaid by your strength and wit! You can download the rules at the link above if you’d like to check it out before giving it a shot.

    If you haven’t played Qwirkle, you’re missing out on one of the best abstract strategy games of the decade. Just out last year and the follow-up to one of our best-selling games ever, Qwirkle Cubes has all of the fun of its predecessor with a bit more dynamism. Instead of tiles, you get to roll dice to come up with the shapes and colors that you need to score. In addition, all players openly show their dice for an added level of strategy. Great for literally any age, designed locally with gorgeous wooden parts, and utterly addictive. You can learn in thirty seconds and play for hours!

    Another great follow-up to an unbelievable release, Carcassonne: Wheel of Fortune lets the winds of fate help you win with a ton of extra opportunities for building and scoring. Move the pig around the wheel and hope it lands on a segment that benefits your followers already on the board. It plays very similar to the original Carcassonne with lots of extra ways to influence the game – one of the very best modular strategy games in the store.

    We’ll be doing three one-hour demos for each game throughout the day, though none of these games will take that much time to play; we like to allow some extra time for rules explanations and the like. Round One will be at 1:00pm, followed by Round Two at 2:30pm and Round Three at 4:00pm. You don’t need to bring anything but your interest and a little bit of time to spend with us. Hope to see you then!

    Saturday, January 23rd 1-6pm
    Game Fair: Strategy Board Games
    Let us show you what’s amazingly fun!