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    February Calendar Changes

    February 4, 2010

    If you’ve taken a look at our February calendar online or the print version in the store, you’ve probably noticed that the shortest month of the year has a tremendous number of event changes in it. Every once in a while, we like to switch things up a bit in order to provide the best coverage for the games that people are playing the most. February is no different. We think we’ve done a good amount of event-wrangling to ensure that this spring is filled with tons of fun. Read on for a brief recap of the relevant changes!

    Casual Magic moved to Fridays
    We’ve started the week by clearing out Monday evenings for all RPGs, all the time. Casual Magic has moved to Fridays two hours before our regular tournaments. The third Friday of each month will remain casual play for the entire evening. Meanwhile, you can continue to enjoy Open RPG Nights and Gamescape’s Role-Players Anonymous events on the second and last Mondays of each month, as usual.

    Infinity has its old home back!
    After much flip-flopping about the best place for our dedicated Infinity game night, we’ve decided that its old place on Tuesdays in tandem with Warhammer 40K suited the community best. While die-hard Infinity players are welcome to come to other open miniatures events (Wednesdays and every other Sunday), they’ll always have a dedicated night and table space at the store each Tuesday from 6 to 10 pm.

    Wednesdays now featuring Open Minis
    The middle of the week has long been a gathering place for drop-in players wanting to try a variety of miniatures systems. We’re making this official and offering at least half of the store for whatever people want to play. Lately it’s been full of Malifaux, Infinity, Monsterpocalypse, Field of Glory, and a bunch more, but you’re more than welcome to bring your entire collection and see what happens – or you can call ahead or get something planned in the forums!

    Gamescape’s new Tournament Series
    On one Saturday a month, we’ll be featuring a special tournament for a particular exciting game that we’re interested in highlighting. The game will change each month and will not interfere with our regular tournament schedule for other games. We’ll give you plenty of notice ahead of time as to what’s being planned, and you’ll be seeing a special post very soon detailing the specifics of our very cool new series.

    And what about Sundays?
    Starting in February, we’re limiting our very successful Pokemon league to every other Sunday so that we can make sure our other gamers are getting plenty of table space and enough time to get in a pick-up game or two. To this end, we’re making those days into Skirmish Sundays, where anyone is free to come down and have at with their figures. It helps to use the forums to schedule games for these events, but you’re welcome to make Gamescape your regular meeting place to expect some great miniatures skirmishes.

    So whatever your game, we’ve got you covered this spring. It’s a lot to take in at first, but we’re happy to answer any questions you might have, and we’ll even take requests for the future. Tell us what you’d like to see at the store. We’re listening. And we’re very excited to bring you a fabulously packed event calendar at the store this February and beyond. Hope you can be a part of it soon!