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    Gamescape's Tournament Series

    February 12, 2010

    We’re very excited to announce a new monthly gaming event at the store: Gamescape’s Tournament Series. The idea behind this series of events sprang from wanting to provide our gamers with one set Saturday per month in which they could compete for cool prizes in a variety of games. To this end, we’ll be hosting a tournament each month with plenty of warning for people to prepare, practice, and read up on the rules to get ready. It’s a great chance for skilled and passionate players to show both their competence and gamesmanship, and also a cool environment to allow newer players to practice their chops as they work their way up to mastering their favorite sets of rules.

    At the beginning of every month, we’ll advertise for the tournament that will be held in the current and also the following month. We’ll post the game specs and any special tournament rules both on our website and in our forums. Entry fees will be fixed at $10 per player, and we’ll always be offering some kind of excellent prize support in the form of models, supplies, special miniatures, or gift cards for use in the store. While most of our Tournament Series events will be miniatures-based, we see no reason why we couldn’t expand this into the board game and card game sectors, as well. And please keep in mind, we aren’t slowing down on running our other regular tournaments in the store; this is simply a chance for us to feature the games that we’re really excited about in addition to the ones on our standard event calendar, which already include many tournaments from a wide variety of games!

    Our provisional Tournament Series schedule until summer is printed below, and we’ll be announcing February’s featured Tournament Series game early next week. If you have any questions about any aspect of these events, feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail, or on the forums, and we’ll make sure to respond immediately. Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you for some healthy competition in the near future!

    February 27th: Lord of the Rings Grand Qualifier

    March 27th: Malifaux Tournament

    April 24th: Arcane Legions League Brawl

    May 22nd: Infinity Tournament

    Stay tuned for more on each of these very soon!