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    A Splash of Color

    February 24, 2010

    Our bi-weekly hobby nights are quickly becoming the place to be for many of our regulars. A long-standing tradition at Gamescape, Pizza & Painting Night is an opportunity to come hang out, chow down, and slap some color on those figures. As busy schedules sometimes don’t allow the enthusiastic gamer enough time to work on gorgeous plastic fighting units and intrepid pewter dungeon-delvers, we figured that it would only be beneficial to set aside a couple of Saturday nights every month to help people make it happen.

    The evening is calm and productive: we meet at 6pm in the back of the store where there’s plenty of space to work. You bring your minis, paints, and supplies. It’s a free clinic where we can socialize, get stuff done, and trade tips and tricks. Really loving a particular brand or color of paint? Want to see how wet blending really works? We have you covered, as there is always a gaggle of tremendously talented painters getting their minis brushed up. And while P&P isn’t a formal class, you’re more than welcome to come with your questions and see what answers you’ll get back.

    At some point during the evening, we’ll take a break for grub. And while our tradition has been pizza (it’s in the title of the event, see?), we’re more than open to anything 4th St. has to offer. We’ve even had some astoundingly talented folks try to eat and paint at the same time; we’re not endorsing it, but it’s a pretty impressive feat! We’ll go ’til 11pm or until people fall asleep in their water cups.

    So if, like us, you’ve got A TON of miniatures sitting around doing nothing, this event is for you. If you’re the master of the White Primer Ghost Army, you’re going to want to join in. Keep your eyes on the Hobby & Painting forum board, where we talk up a storm about what we’re working on at P&P and a bunch of other things, besides. Watch the calendar for upcoming P&P events, which happen like clockwork every other Saturday evening. Join us for some artistic fun and some yummy grubbage. And see why this is one of the most popular and most fun events in the store!

    Every other Saturday, 6-11pm
    Pizza & Painting Night at Gamescape
    Bring the lead. We’re gonna get saucy.