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    Review: Infinity

    April 8, 2010

    Infinity is a fabulous science-fiction miniatures game set in our own universe around 400 years from now. Humanity has struck out into the stars but hasn’t gotten very far yet. The human factions in the game (there is only one alien faction) are direct evolutions of the political forces in our world today. If you look closely you’ll even recognize some of the weapons being used by the troops as evolved versions of weapons in use by today’s militaries. The games are played out in skirmish-level encounters, which means that you’ll usually field seven to sixteen figures in a typical match. The quality of the miniatures was the main reason I got pulled into the game at first; they are very high-quality sculpts with incredibly clean castings. But upon one play, it was the rules that made me a super-fan of Infinity.

    Several rules make the game unique. First, you activate units from an order pool. Each unit contributes one order except for the lieutenant, who has an extra order that only he can use. There is no limit to the number of orders you can give a unit in a turn. Let me say that again: you can have one unit use all the orders in a given turn. This makes for some crazy turns! Second, every unit is automatically on overwatch all the time. If a unit activates within LOF or within 8” of your unit, then you get an ARO – an Automatic Reaction Order – with which to shoot or move. Third, units that are directly interacting (such as shooting at each other) compete to get the best success. Whoever has the best success cancels the action of the other unit. This face-to-face roll makes for some very tense, cinematic moments as you move a unit up through enemy fire trying to hold your own with strong rolls.

    Infinity stands out for me as the best miniatures game I have had the chance to play. I was hesitant to get into it at first because I am not generally a fan of sci-fi games, but with a little prodding from some tasteful friends and customers, I gave the game a try. I haven’t looked back since. This game is fast, intricate, unforgiving, and exciting. There is tension every step of the way as you try to outmaneuver and outshoot your opponent, and it never lets up until the end. Give Infinity a try and you won’t be let down.