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    HeroClix is Back!

    May 12, 2010

    We’re very happy to announce the return of our Sunday HeroClix days once again at Gamescape! Coming up this very weekend, we’re hosting a return to a deluge of super-powered battles on the tabletop with an open game day for anyone who’s interested. Whether you’re an old salt and have memorized each and every character’s ability or you can keep the timelines of the Crisis on Infinite Earths series totally straight in your head, we’ll have a place for you at the board. This event is designed to be easy for Clix experts and beginners who have never dialed a base before. There will be free prize figures for all participants, but feel free to bring your collection and trades, as well. We’ll gauge interest by how many people show up, and if we get enough excitement, we’ll definitely turn this into a regular event once again. Hop on to our forums to throw your hat in the ring or find out more about HeroClix events at Gamescape, and let’s all raise an armored fist in tribute to NECA, who has brought HeroClix back from the dead!

    Sunday, May 16th 12-4pm
    HeroClix Open Game Day
    From the Blackest Night to the Brightest Day!