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    Free RPG Day 2010 – Schedule of Events

    June 7, 2010

    The schedule is here! For the fourth year running, summer heralds one of our favorite days of the year: Free RPG Day. If you’ve not heard of it nor seen it in action, it’s a total blast. The kind folks at Impressions Advertising have seen it fit to petition a huge number of role-playing publishers to create exclusive product to hand out to our local gaming community on Saturday, June 19th. We’re supporting it by holding one-shot, convention-style role-playing sessions in the store all day long, and you get to reap the rewards by playing and being a part of the festivities.

    If you’ve ever been a part of our GRPA gaming events, you have a good idea of what Free RPG Day will be like. The list of games we’re hosting are below, and all you have to do is sign up. No previous experience is necessary, so it’s a great chance to try out a system you’ve been eyeing for a while. Once you’ve got a confirmed spot, show up on June 19th, take home some of the free product, and have a blast with the other gamers who will be here!

    The list of sponsors this year is impressive, including Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf, Goodman Games, Fantasy Flight, Lone Wolf, Chessex, and a bunch more. Each of these publishers has created a special gaming book or item for the event, and they’re all free for you to enjoy. And while we can’t break out the goodies until the 19th, we can tell you that a couple of the highlights include an introductory adventure for the forthcoming D&D Dark Sun setting, a preview scenario for Warhammer 40K Deathwatch, and a unique Pathfinder adventure from Paizo. Cool stuff!

    Click the link for the official lineup of role-playing games scheduled for this year’s Free RPG Day on Saturday, June 19th. Have a look below, and if you’d like to join us for any of these sessions, please select a game in which you’d like to participate and either call or write us back with your name and selection. All games are free and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you’ll be responded to immediately with your status in the game.

    Free RPG Day 2010 – Saturday, June 19th 12-6pm

    Game #1 – A Trail of Madness
    Trail of Cthulhu

    6 Players
    GM – William Lee

    The year is 1933. America is in the depth of the Great Depression. The gangsters of the Roaring 20s have lost their place on the front pages to bank robbers like John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, and Pretty Boy Floyd. The Bank of Arkham has been robbed by a gang of dangerous criminals from Boston. Hot on the bank robbers’ trail are the players – a group of determined agents of the newly re-organized Federal Bureau of Investigations. But the agents may find that their fast cars, big guns, and new, scientific investigation methods won’t be enough. The robbers have bitten off more than they could chew, and are now on the run with a dark and sinister shadow cast over them. As the agents chase their suspects through Lovecraft Country, they will find a trail of death, horror, and madness…

    Game #2 – Caught Between the Courts
    Dresden Files RPG
    3-6 Players
    GM – Walter Wrigglesworth

    The City by the Bay has always been a bit of a madhouse. Forces both mortal and supernatural have always been drawn to San Francisco. The Red Court fights the Wardens, The Wardens battle the Sorcerers, the Sorcerers make deals with the Fallen, the Fallen dodge the Knights of the Cross, The White Court Preys on the mortals, the Black Court preys on everybody, and the Seelie and Unseelie Courts are usually Up To Something. Now, new players have come to town, and no one seems to have their measure. Calling themselves the Fomhar and Earrach, meaning Autumn and Winter courts of the Fae, the two new power bases have begun a campaign to get a hold of – or an alliance with – any part of the vast powers that are represented in San Francisco. Worse, they are at odds with each other, and each seems to have a plan. Now you, the agents of every power in the city – be it vampire, wizard, shapeshifter, faithful, faerie, or even pure mortal –  have been called out to investigate the situation, get an idea of their game, and figure out what there is to do about it, or perhaps, with it. This is your city. This is your story. What side will you choose?

    Dresden Files is a new game based on the FATE system, implemented in such games as Houses of the Blooded and Spirit of the Century. It is VERY light on mechanical rules and mathematics, preferring to let players and the GM craft a story using phrasing, imagery, snappy one-liners, and imagination to play the game, rather than a pile of dice and rules and modifiers. As it is a new system, the GM does not expect his players to be entirely comfortable with the system. Knowledge of the Dresden Files novels is helpful, but not required. New players are EXTREMELY welcome, as long as you bring an imagination! As this game involves mature themes and several levels of Machiavellian deception and treachery (read: faeries), please no immature players or players under the age of 13. This game may become an open RPG/GRPA event, in the form of a living Dresden Files world, should it meet with success and approval. If the GM does his job, this is ROLE-playing, not ROLL-playing. Welcome to the Twin Suns chapter of The Dresden Files!

    Game #3 – Beneath Eilhart
    Warhammer Fantasy RPG 3rd Ed.
    4 Players
    GM – Andre Sisneros

    Life has always been tough in Eilhart. But it’s tough all over, what with Beastmen raids, cultists, and the occasional orc attack. So when little Gertie got herself stuck in an old well, that was little more than an annoyance. That is until her father got to the bottom of the well and discovered that she wasn’t there. A tunnel had been broken through the side of the well and Gertie was no where to be seen. Now you have joined with the best the town has to offer to go down and see what is in that tunnel and whether you can find Gertie. All the town will be waiting anxiously to see if you can save the little girl. Good luck!

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is Fantasy Flight’s RPG offering in the dark world of Warhammer. In the latest edition of the game, they have brought many innovative features for game play that make the GM’s life easier and the story telling better. There are special dice that you use to drive the storytelling along and everything about the system is designed to let the players try whatever they want. This game made a big splash when it was released last year. For a taste of this great new role-playing system come and join us for an old-fashioned dungeon crawl on Free RPG Day!

    Game #4 – Decline of Glory

    4-5 Players
    GM – Nick Lundback

    When the son of a famous Pathfinder gains control of his father’s holdings in Taldor, the Pathfinder Society decides to build a new lodge there as a base to explore the many ruins of that crumbling empire. Unfortunately, the Taldan Phalanx has its eye on the holdings and an ancient curse has turned many of the residents into the walking dead. Can you survive the tangled web of Taldor’s politics and fight off the echoes of the past or will you, too, see your glory decline?

    This is a Pathfinder RPG Scenario for up to five 2nd-Level characters. It includes a good mix of role-playing and creative combat encounters. This will not be run as an official Pathfinder Society Scenario, but is being used as an introduction to the structure of Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

    Game #5 – Call of the Con!!!
    Call of Cthulhu

    6-8 Players
    GM – Greg Frank

    You and your friends can’t believe your luck. You’ve won free tickets to a traveling board game/RPG convention! It’s one you’ve heard about for many years, one that has been so popular that almost every city but yours has hosted it – that is, until now. It has finally has come to San Francisco. And since this con is invitation-only, you consider yourself unbelievably lucky to be able to attend. After all, this is were the best of the best go to play. You can’t wait. The only thing is, you don’t know anyone who has ever actually gone to the con. Reviews online have always been high and the list of exhibitors is huge and amazing, so you’re not concerned one bit. What could possibly go wrong?

    Players must be ready take risks, have fun, and their characters surely must be ready to perish…

    Free RPG Day 2010: Saturday, June 19th 12-6pm
    Please call the store (415.457.8698) or (Email Us) to reserve a spot in any of the above games.