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    Weekend Warhammer Fantasy

    August 2, 2010

    Now that the new rules for Warhammer Fantasy Battles are out and people are slowly building up or converting over new armies to follow the updates, we’re bringing back a regular twice-monthly game day at the store. Just like back in the good old days, every other Saturday is WHFB all day long. From 1-6pm, we’ll be throwing dice and clashing armies on the field, and you’re welcome to join us. Whether you’re new to Warhammer or have three armies painted and waiting to get some action, we’ll have some opponents for you. We even have a Warhammer board in our forum for you to use to connect with other players, so feel free to use it as you may. And we have some great plans for the fall in the form of tournaments, campaigns, and special events. So keep in touch with us for more info as it comes. In the meantime…BRING THE BATTLE!

    Every 2nd Saturday 1-6pm
    Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition
    Orcs and Empire and Skaven, O my!