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    New RPG Events at Gamescape

    September 2, 2010

    Our role-playing regulars surely already know about our two big events per month- Open RPG Night and GRPA. We’ve had some amazing game nights at the store, with an incredible community of like-minded gamers coming together to tell some great stories. We realize that perhaps this is not enough, so now that fall’s here, two of our intrepid employees are stepping up to offer some great gaming goodness on an easy-to-digest, once-monthly basis. Read on below for more, and let us know if you’d like to be a part of either!

    Pathfinder Legacy of Fire Campaign
    Nick is putting the finishing touches on his store campaign for the Pathfinder RPG – the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path. He’ll be holding one session per month on the second Monday of each month, our regular Open RPG Nights. Nick’s a great GM, so if you’re interested in checking out Pathfinder and joining the fun, give us a yell and we’ll set up a time to talk about characters. You can also follow what’s going on with Nick and the three other players so far on our forum. Under the Open RPG Night board, you’ll see the Legacy of Fire thread – jump on and say hi! The first session is slated for Monday, September 13th 6-11pm, so you’ve still got time to join in the fun.

    D&D 4.0 Encounter Day
    Due to great demand, Jordan has had his head in the newest D&D books for the past month, working on his typical memorization of pretty much every rule set in the store. He’s looking forward to hosting a once-a-month D&D 4.0 one-shot on Sundays. As with any of our events, we have a forum board with the details where you can chime in or sign up. His first Encounter session is set for Sunday, September 19th 12-5pm, and we’re accepting sign-ups now!

    Oh, and to any GMs wishing to throw a story in the ring for this month’s GRPA event on Monday, September 27th, we’re accepting abstract submissions now. What have you got brewing?