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    September GRPA

    September 20, 2010

    Click the link for the official lineup of role-playing games scheduled for our next GRPA event on Monday, September 27th. Have a look below, and if you’d like to join us for any of these sessions, please select a game in which you’d like to participate and either call or write us back with your name and selection. All games are free and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you’ll be responded to immediately with your status in the game.

    What’s GRPA? Find out here!

    GRPA – Monday, September 27th 6-11pm

    Game #1 – Master of the Fallen Fortress

    4-6 Players
    GM – Zach Gilmour

    A wide field of shattered weapons, barrow mounds, and mass graves surround the city of Absalom, a vast plain known as the Cairnlands. Rising from the war-torn earth like the grasping arms of the dead are countless siege castles, towers, and fortresses constructed over the millennia by would-be warlords who tried to take the great city and inevitably failed. During a recent  earthquake, an oracle of the god Nethys had a vision of one of these towers broken open and baring its contents: a lost relic of the two-faced god of magic. You and your fellows must find and return the relic.

    This is a Pathfinder adventure for 1st-level and will highlight the six new character classes from the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide (Alchemist, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Oracle, Summoner, and Witch).

    Game #2 – The End and the Beginning
    Microscope (Beta Playtest)
    3-4 Players
    Facilitator – Dale Horstman

    From Dale: First off, let me be clear that there is no presented scenario here. Microscope is a GM-less system, though I’ll serve as the facilitator for the session.

    Microscope is a little tricky to explain. Its basic concept is to explore a grand history through play. The game starts by creating two points on a fictional historical timeline – the beginning and the end (we’ll discuss and set these as a group to jump start the session). We’ll then fill in periods and events as well as play out particular scenes that will serve to bring this history to life. In essence we are zooming in and out of history (like a microscope!). The play control progresses around the table focusing on specific aspects of the history and answering questions that arise as events unfold.

    Due to the changing scale and dynamics of the game, philosophical, anthropological, social, political and moral issues can all be explored, though there is a clear designation of what issues are outside and inside of play based on the preferences of the players. Needless to say, this is not a traditional RPG structure. Come open to try something new and amazing! I’m still thinking about things that came up in my first session!

    Game #3 – An Inside Job
    Warhammer Fantasy RPG 3rd Ed.
    4 Players
    GM – Andre Sisneros

    You and your friends have done well. On your first probationary assignment with Thorgrim’s Fists, you uncovered and captured an Imperial traitor. There was much celebration and promotion following that little adventure. It has been several months since that exciting time; you and your companions are now full members of the Fists. You have been training and fulfilling day watches in the city. Now you have been hand-picked for a delicate assignment that the emperor himself has commissioned. It seems that the usual amount of piracy that occurs on the traffic coming in and out of the Empire on the River Reik has recently increased dramatically. The Emperor believes this is not a coincidence and that there is some larger power behind the change. Your job is to infiltrate the pirates and learn all you can. If you can pull this one off you will get the personal attention of the Emperor himself…IF!

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is the latest envisioning of the Warhammer universe put out by Fantasy Flight. This role-playing system keeps many of the features from the older versions that people loved such as the many career choices available instead of choosing a character class. In addition they introduce a whole set of innovations that are truly new to role-playing. Altogether it is a sleek, fast new role-playing system set in a fabulous world full of detailed background and texture.

    September GRPA Event: Monday, September 27th 6-11pm
    Please call the store (415.457.8698) or (Email Us) to reserve a spot in any of the above games.