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    Fire From the Sky

    November 8, 2010

    Back by demand, we’ll be running another great event for Warhammer Fantasy in the form of a linked-table, one-day campaign – this time for control of a wildly-precious commodity. Each terrain board will have an objective that affects other boards in play. As the battles progress, conditions will change and powerful magics will be unleashed. Bring your army and join the battle! Army lists of 1500 pts and 2250 pts will be used. If possible, try be ready with lists of both of these sizes. We also ask that you post to the forum or send us an e-mail to let us know what size and faction army you will be bringing, as it will let us plan the event more efficiently. The entry fee will be $10.00 and there will be prizes galore for the winning side.

    Flee from the terror of the Fire From the Sky,
    but return for the treasures it leaves behind!

    A massive explosion has occurred in the far North of the Old World. The blast was felt miles away and it lit up the night sky. Scouts were sent and came back with wild reports of a devastated landscape and spread about the land, the legendary material: Warpstone. Strange magics and mutations spring up all around Warpstone, but it also has invaluable properties for the wizards to exploit. Most importantly, it cannot be left to fall into the wrong hands. This prize will not be left for long. Already there are rumors of forces gathering to take all the Warpstone they can find. So once again we march to the North. And again there will be war!

    Saturday, October 20th 12-6pm
    Warhammer Fantasy 8th Ed. One-Day Campaign
    The enemy of your enemy is your friend!

    The idea behind Gamescape’s Tournament Series sprang from wanting to provide our gamers with one set Saturday per month in which they could compete for cool prizes in a variety of games. To this end, we’ll be hosting a tournament each month with plenty of warning for people to prepare, practice, and read up on the rules to get ready. It’s a great chance for skilled and passionate players to show both their competence and gamesmanship, and also a cool environment to allow newer players to practice their chops as they work their way up to mastering their favorite sets of rules.