NorCal 2011 FoW Series – JAN

We’re super-excited to announce our participation in one of Northern California’s biggest gaming events of the year! Some of the best game stores in the Bay Area and beyond have put their collective heads together to set up a Flames of War tournament circuit that will last the whole year through. The concept is simple: twelve local Flames of War tournaments, one for each month. Scoring and prizes will be rendered at the local level after each event, but standings will be cumulative through the year on a master scoring ladder. The more events you attend, the better your score will be. And at the end of the year, the best generals will get the spoils of their victories.

We’ve set up a detailed website for the series, which will show the entire tournament schedule for the year. From there, you’ll be linked to each individual event, each with its own page. You’ll find scoring info, army submission contact, directions, and any other info you’ll need right there. We’ll even post player submissions as they’re verified, and standings after each tournament is completed.

The first tournament of the series is right here at Gamescape North, coming up on Saturday, January 22nd. The event page is posted and ready for your submissions. Form up, send in, and move out – we’re going to have a blast with some of the best Flames of War players in Northern California!

Saturday, January 22nd 10-8pm
NorCal Flames of War 2011 January Tournament
1750-pt Mid-War
Army list submissions due by Jan. 21st
(.pdf lists due by Jan. 19th)