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    MTG Mirrodin Besieged Pre-Release +

    January 15, 2011

    The new Magic set is right around the corner, and we’ve got a trio of great events planned for the end of the month at Gamescape. Whether you want some competition before the boosters hit the street or to join your friends in ripping open packs on the release day, we’ve got you covered. Read on for details on all three events and how you can be a part of the fun.

    Mirrodin Besieged Pre-Release TournamentSunday, January. 30th @ 12:00 Noon

    Continuing our very fun and successful series of Magic events, Gamescape is pleased to be hosting another Magic: The Gathering Pre-Release spectacular! Mirrodin Besieged releases on Friday, February 4th. Our Pre-Release will take place one week before then on Sunday, January 30th at 12:00 noon. The format for this event will be a Sealed Tournament.

    If you’re interested in attending the tournament, we ask that you please sign-up ahead of time, as we have limited space for the event. You can do this in a number of ways: either by calling the store, sending an e-mail, or by dropping into the store in-person. There are 50 spaces available, so be sure to reserve yours soon! We ask also that you please arrive to the tournament by 12:00 noon to sign in. Cost of entry is $30.00. All entrants will also get a pre-release foil promo card (while supplies last) of either Hero of Bladehold or Glissa the Traitor.

    When you sign up for the Pre-Release you will be asked to pick a side, either Mirran or Phyrexian. Which side you choose will decide which of the two Pre-Release foil promo cards you receive (while supplies last) and whether you receive Mirran or Phyrexian booster packs from which to build your deck. This is something that’s happening only at the Mirrodin Besieged Pre-Release Event. Players will receive three regular Scars of Mirrodin booster packs and their choice of three Mirran boosters or three Phyrexian boosters. For these boosters, Mirrodin Besieged was divided into two halves. Cards with the Mirran watermarks appear only in Mirran boosters, and cards with Phyrexian watermarks appear only in Phyrexian boosters. There is also one basic land in each booster. Foil cards will show up at about the same frequency as they do in regular boosters and don’t follow the rules about what booster they can show up in (both Mirran and Phyrexian foils can show up in either booster).

    The Sealed Tournament will consist of one flight of entrants with the goal of the event to be completed by 5pm. Prizes will be given in the form of Mirrodin Besieged booster packs, promo cards, and some other nifty prize support that we have in the store. We regret that we will not be admitting players after 12:00pm SHARP, provided that there is space left on the day of the event. Please arrive as early as you can.

    Following the main Sealed event we will be running Booster Drafts with Mirrodin Besieged. Drafts will be eight-player pods with the number of pods depending of the level of interest.

    Mirrodin Besieged Release TournamentFri, February 4th @ 6pm

    If you’re not able to make the Pre-Release, we’ll be holding a Release Tournament on the day that the new set comes out. If you’re interested in attending, please arrive before 6:00pm to sign in. For the Mirrodin Besieged Release Tournament, each player will receive three Scars of Mirrodin booster packs and three regular Mirrodin Besieged booster packs. This Sealed Tournament will last three rounds, with the goal of being done by 10pm. Please sign up early to ensure a spot in the tournament.

    Scars of Mirrodin Launch PartySat, February 5th @ 12pm

    Join us for our Mirrodin Besieged Launch Party on the weekend after its release! All day in the store, 12 noon to 6pm, we’ll be running Booster Drafts and casual play. No matter what your play-style is, you’ll find some options for a good day spent with the new set.

    Launch Party Booster Draft (1pm)
    We’ll be organizing a Booster Draft tournament shortly after people arrive, preferably organized into 8-player pods. Entry will be $15 for three boosters (two Scars of Mirrodin and one Mirrodin Besieged), with boosters given out as prizes according to placement, as well as foil promo cards also added in for extra prizes!

    Special Box Discounts
    As always, we’re offering 20% off the retail price on full boxes of Mirrodin Besieged if you’re in our Customer Rewards system or if you sign up for our program (which translates to an extra 5% off. The points that you accrue on the purchase will also be tallied on your account. Individual boosters will remain at the standard retail price of $3.99. In addition, WotC is offering a special foil promo card of Mirran Crusader to anyone who purchases a full box of boosters from us.