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    Scrabble Tournament @MVPL

    February 5, 2011

    A clangorous shout to our wordsmith friends – there’s a Scrabble tournament just around the corner! The erudite bibliosophs at the Mill Valley Public Library are hosting a friendly competition to see who is the most perspicacious philologian in Marin, and Gamescape is sponsoring it with a stack of wonderful prizes. If you’re interested in joining in the fun, you’ll want to keep the evening of Sunday, February 13th open so you can join us at the library. Sign-ups may be arranged online at the MVPL website, and will be grouped by two different age categories. The event is absolutely free, so there’s nothing to lose but your sense of perspicacity. Come show the county who can compile the most resplendent lexicon!

    We love the fact that the library is hosting such an event because it blends two of the best communities we can imagine. And it’s not the first time this mix has coalesced – check out National Gaming Day at your local library. Both this and your friendly local game store share a common goal in a broad array of them, and it only makes sense that they would cross-pollenate. We eagerly look forward to seeing what other great events we can conspire upon.

    Sunday, February 13th @ 7:00pm
    Scrabble Tournament @ Mill Valley Public Library
    Curiously Convivial Competition!

    Details and a list of frequently asked questions can be found here.