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    Operation: Normandy Campaign

    March 12, 2011

    Tomorrow is the kickoff of our massive cross-Bay Firestorm: Normandy campaign with EndGame in Oakland. Registration will start as early as 10am, and the landings will commence at 11am sharp. If you have any questions about what’s expected, please refer to the introduction post on our forum. You’re also welcome to contact us here at the store. Hope to see everyone at EndGame tomorrow morning!

    We also have solid game dates for the first three months of the campaign, which will be alternating between Sundays and EndGame and Saturdays at Gamescape North. The more people show up for these events, the more battles may take place, which makes for more dynamic game turns. We’re giving out prizes at the end important attacks and defenses, as well as at the end of the campaign, so come participate when you can!

    Note that all the posted campaign games do not interfere with any of the NorCal FoW 2011 Tournament Circuit events. We made sure to keep everyone busy with enough room for both!

    Sun 13th – EndGame (D-day launch)
    Sat 19th – Gamescape
    Sun 27th – EndGame

    Sat 2nd – Gamescape
    Sun 10th – NorCal FoW 2011 Event @ EndGame
    Sat 16th – Gamescape
    Sun 24th – EndGame
    Sat 30th – Gamescape

    Sun 8th – EndGame
    Sat 14th – Gamescape
    Sun 22 – EndGame
    Sun 29th – NorCal FoW 2011 Event @ Kublacon (by Gamescape)