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    Road to the Rumble!

    April 30, 2011



    We’re holding a very special Warhammer Fantasy tournament on Saturday, May 7th, 12-7pm that we’re calling Road to the Rumble. What makes the tournament so cool is that the top prize will be a fully registered spot in the prestigious Quake City Rumble tournament put on by Leadership 2 in San Francisco this June. This amazing prize will even include the special Leadership 2 pint glass and, if you are over 21, access to three kegs of beer on the day of the tournament, all paid for with your win at Gamescape!

    All you need to do to get into the action is register an army list with us. Registration for Road to the Rumble is $10, and you must turn in an army list in order to be registered. We’ll be verifying all lists to make sure they’re legal for Quake City Rumble. In addition to the grand prize, there will be other goodies to give out for winning contestants. In keeping with the theme of working up to Quake City Rumble, we’ll be using the specs for that tournament, which can be found here. There are only twelve spots available, so don’t delay!

    Note that Quake City Rumble is already filled up, so this is the only way to get into that tournament now if you haven’t already. As well, if you’re already registered at QCR, don’t let that keep you away from our tourney – if you win, the QCR organizers will refund you the registration cost and bump up the next person on their waiting list. How awesome is that?


    Saturday, May 7th 12-7pm
    Warhammer Fantasy Road to the Rumble
    Let the Old World shake!