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    It Goes to Eleven

    May 5, 2011

    Dear Thursday-night gamers, you’ve made our Board Game Nights so massive and so much fun that you won’t even leave when the event is over. Even when we beg. And plead. This is a good thing. And to reward you, we’re going to extend our regular Thursday BGN an hour so you can enjoy MORE GAMING with MORE COOL PEOPLE and have MORE LAUGHS and MORE FUN until we’re MORE TIRED enough to finally lock the doors. That’s right – a whole hour’s worth! It’s time to celebrate: Board Game Night is now 6-11pm starting right away. Now there’s time for Descent. Maybe even five games of Dominion. Surely a three-box session of Pitch Car. Still not enough time, however, for a good game of Twilight Imperium. You’ll have to wait until Sundays for that. Hope to see you at our best night of the week!


    Every Thursday, 6-11pm
    Board Game Nights @ GSN
    It goes to eleven!