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    Join the Hunt for Gollum!

    June 6, 2011


    This coming weekend, you’ll be able to join up with the Fellowship of the Ring in a special preview event at Gamescape! One of our hottest games so far this year, the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game has been blowing out the doors, and people have been absolutely crazy about it. The fourth in Fantasy Flight’s successful LCG format, Lord of the Rings is a quest-based adventure system that requires co-operative play against the game itself, though there is also an option for solo play. Each month, a new Adventure Pack will be released, which offers new quests, characters, and abilities, as well as advancing the story along to keep things lively and ever-changing.

    Our preview event gives new players a chance to try out the game mechanics and find out why everyone’s loving it so much. It’s also a chance for those already versed in the game strategies to bring along their cards and join forces to seek out Gollum. Though The Hunt for Gollum Adventure Pack isn’t out yet, you’ll have a chance to check out and play with the cards that will be included in the first expansion.

    Take your Fellowship through the Anduin Valley, along the Eaves of Mirkwood Forest, to the Hulls of Emyn Muil, and even into the Dead Marshes. Heroes with enough skill and fortune to capture their prey must then escort him north, through Mirkwood Forest, to Thranduil’s palace for questioning and safekeeping. But first, you must gather the clues to begin your search, and in the Hunt for Gollum, Gandalf has commanded you and your companions to discover the creature’s location. But be careful; false leads could guide your party in circles, forcing you to begin your hunt anew!


    Friday, June 10th 3-6pm & Saturday, June 11th 12-6pm
    The Hunt for Gollum Preview Event for The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game
    Be the first to seek him out!