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    Free RPG Day 2011

    June 8, 2011


    The schedule is here! For the fourth year running, summer heralds one of our favorite days of the year: Free RPG Day. If you’ve not heard of it nor seen it in action, it’s a total blast. The kind folks at Impressions Advertising have seen it fit to petition a huge number of role-playing publishers to create exclusive product to hand out to our local gaming community on Saturday, June 18th. We’re supporting it by holding one-shot, convention-style role-playing sessions in the store all day long, and you get to reap the rewards by playing and being a part of the festivities.

    If you’ve ever been a part of our GRPA gaming events, you have a good idea of what Free RPG Day will be like. The list of games we’re hosting are below, and all you have to do is sign up. No previous experience is necessary, so it’s a great chance to try out a system you’ve been eyeing for a while. Once you’ve got a confirmed spot, show up on June 18th, take home some of the free product, and have a blast with the other gamers who will be here!

    The list of sponsors this year is impressive, including Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf, Goodman Games, Fantasy Flight, Green Ronin, Paizo, and a bunch more. Each of these publishers has created a special gaming book or item for the event, and they’re all free for you to enjoy. And while we can’t break out the goodies until the 18th, we can tell you that a couple of the highlights include a preview scenario for Warhammer 40K Black Crusade, and a hilarious Pathfinder adventure from Paizo where the players are goblins. And you can sign up to play in the latter right here in the store. Cool stuff!

    Lastly, we’re going to have a ton of great prizes to hand out in a FREE raffle open to all those who participate in the event. Make sure to get your ticket from your GM before things get going. Trust us: you won’t be sorry you did.

    Click the link for the official lineup of role-playing games scheduled for this year’s Free RPG Day on Saturday, June 18th. Have a look below, and if you’d like to join us for any of these sessions, please select a game in which you’d like to participate and either call or write us back with your name and selection. All games are free and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you’ll be responded to immediately with your status in the game.


    Free RPG Day 2011 – Saturday, June 18th 12-6pm


    Game #1 – Legacy of Disaster
    Legend of the Five Rings

    3-5 Players
    GM -Andre Sisneros

    In Rokugan, Honor is a force more powerful than steel. The minor daimyo Doji Haruki has always craved more power and prestige among those who posses true influence in the Imperial Court. Now, on the eve of his greatest and most promising court, mere hours before his moment truly arrives, his most valued treasure is stolen. The daisho of the great hero Seppun Daiori, gifted to Haruki by the Seppun familly, is mysteriously absent. Fearful that his greatest triumph shall become the moment of his ruination, Haruki turns to a handful of samurai who arrived for court ahead of schedule, desperate for their aid in returning the daisho before the court concludes.

    Legend of the Five Rings is a roleplaying game set in Rokugan, a mythical land that is a blend of feudal Japan and China. The players play samurai motivated by honor and duty to their lords more than treasure and fame.

    Game #2 – An Arl’s Ransom
    Dragon Age RPG
    3-5 Players
    GM – Dale Horstman

    The fortress of Stenhold is beset by Darkspawn and Arl Voychek Neruda is marshaling all of his forces to fight them back. He is anxious for the return of his two children being escorted home by Ser Blaker Corbin, but he fears something may happen to them. Against his better judgement he has acquiesced to his Stewart Alenka’s suggestion to hire outsiders to retrieve his heirs. Your job is to meet the entourage in route from Denirim and escort them home to the safety of the fortress. Sounds easy, which is why you know it’ll all go to hell…the “easy” jobs always do.

    Game #3 – Behind the Veil of Normality
    World of Darkness
    4 Players
    GM – Michael O’Brien

    On a cool, pleasantly grey morning in Ohio, a farmer begins his daily routine of feeding his animals and tending to his crops. Before climbing into his combine harvester, he pauses to draw in a deep breath of the crisp July air, deliciously plump with humidity but not overbearingly so. Turning the key to his trusted machine, with which he’s made his living, he prepares for a long, rewarding day of hard work. As the contraption roars to life, an unfamiliar sound bombards his ears. Believing some piece of debris must have found its way into the cycling blades, he switches his harvester off and climbs out to inspect – and hopefully fish out – the foreign object. As he peers through the delicately arranged metal, his breath freezes in his chest. There, amongst the complex machinery, is a half-mulched human body…

    In World of Darkness, players will adopt the personae of various normal people who one day find that the world they live in is merely a façade, a cover pulled over the eyes of the everyday populous to hide the fact that down every dark alley, under every bed, there are nightmarish creatures who sit higher on the food chain than we do. World of Darkness uses a d10 system that’s complex enough to cover all situations any player might find himself in, yet simple enough that anyone can pick up and play.


    Game #4 – Bloodsand Arena
    Dungeons & Dragons 4E (Dark Sun)

    3-5 Players
    GM – Nick Lundback

    In the savage desert world of Athas, you strive for survival in a land defiled by magic and ruled by despotic sorcerer-kings. You find employment where you can – guarding caravans across wastelands, fighting bloodsports in gladiatorial arenas, and turning to the darker trade of slaves are all potential sources of wealth. Today, a new venture has been presented to you and the question is: will it be your last?

    Bloodsand Arena is a 1st-Level adventure that will introduce role-players to the Dark Sun Campaign Setting presented through the 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons RPG. Both intrigue and deadly combat await those who wish to experience the newest incarnation of the D&D legacy.


    Game #5 – Beneath a Metal Sky
    Dread RPG

    4-6 Players
    GM – Yoshi Creelman

    You are a crew member on a small spacecraft, scouting the depths of the Unknown. After many long months of nothing but the blackness of deep space in every direction, you have come upon the lifeless hulk of an seemingly abandoned starship, drifting slowly with no signs of life aboard. Initial scans show that it appears to be operating on minimal life support, so there might be something the scanners are missing. Wasting no time, you put together your team and grab your gear before hooking up the boarding tube and opening the airlock. It’s time to find out what happened.

    Dread is a diceless game about Horror and Hope. Conflicts are resolved through pulls of a Jenga tower. As the story progresses, the tower becomes more and more unstable, building the tension of the story. Each of the six possible characters is generated through a unique questionnaire. No experience is necessary, only the desire to tell an interesting tale.


    Game #6 – We Be Goblins!
    Pathfinder Society

    4 Players
    GM – Joshua Archer & Julie Dvorin

    The Licktoad goblins of Brinestump Marsh have stumbled upon a great treasure: fireworks! Yet unfortunately for them, the tribe member responsible for the discovery has already been exiled for the abhorrent crime of writing (which every goblin knows steals words from your head). To remedy this situation, the Licktoads’ leader, His Mighty Girthness Chief Rendwattle Gutwad, has declared that the greatest heroes of the tribe must venture forth to retrieve the rest of the fireworks from a derelict ship stranded in the marsh. In order to prove themselves as the Licktoads’ bravest goblins, the PCs must complete a series of dangerous dares, from swallowing bull slugs and braving the dreaded Earbiter to dancing with Squealy Nord himself. Yet even once they’ve proven their mettle, the adventure is just beginning. For the ship in question is far from uninhabited, and Vorka the cannibal goblin would like nothing better than a few tasty visitors….

    We Be Goblins! is an adventure for 1st-level characters in which the PCs play a horde of malicious and murderous goblins, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and compatible with the 3.5 edition of the world’s oldest RPG. The adventure takes place outside the town of Sandpoint in the Pathfinder campaign setting, but can easily be adapted for any campaign world. It also serves as a preview of Pathfinder Player Companion: Goblins of Golarion, and as an optional prequel to Pathfinder Adventure Path’s upcoming Jade Regent Adventure Path. We’ll have two tables of this game running through the day.

    Free RPG Day 2011: Saturday, June 18th 12-6pm
    Please call the store (415.457.8698) or (Email Us) to reserve a spot in any of the above games.