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    July GRPA

    July 18, 2011

    With summer fully upon us, it is once again time to don our weapons and armor (or light jackets and gin & tonics) and do battle with the villains and monsters that ravage the lands abroad. Through skill and polyhedrals, will each player defeat their foe and bring their hero one step closer to their ultimate goal? Or will their dastardly enemies gain the upper hand and spell doom for all that is good in the world? Come create these endings for us!

    Click the link for the official lineup of role-playing games scheduled for it on Monday, July 25th. Have a look below, and if you’d like to join us for any of these sessions, please select a game in which you’d like to participate and either call or write us back with your name and selection. All games are free and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you’ll be responded to immediately with your status in the game.

    What’s GRPA? Find out here!

    GRPA – Monday, July 25th 6-11pm

    Game #1 – Before the Dawn
    Earthdawn 3.0
    4-5 Players
    GM – Paul Wise

    It has been hundreds of years since the invasion of the Horrors swept aside the old world in a hurricane of fire. Since then, the underground kaers have become the last refuges of the Namegiver races of Barsaive. Beneath the shelter of mighty spells and a mountain of stone, generations have lived and died without knowledge of the outside world, waiting for falling mana levels to drive the Horrors back into slumber. You have lived your entire life behind the protection of wards and walls. But life in the kaer is about to change…

    Earthdawn is a classic game of post-apocalptic fantasy in a world that is just now reawakening after centuries of scourge by other-dimensional Horrors. Sequestered in massive stone city-barrows far beneath the ground, Human, Ork, Elf, Dwarf, Troll, and others learned how to coexist simply because there was no other option. Now that the Earth’s natural balance is slowly being restored, it is time for true heroes to emerge from their vaults to find the traces of their lost histories – and create new histories along the way!

    Game #2 – Life Everlasting
    Victoriana 2nd Ed.
    4-5 Players
    GM – Mike O’Brien & Walter Wrigglesworth

    In the dark, a pocketwatch clicks shut, the subtle noise practically deafening in the silence carried in on midnight’s dark cloak. “Just a minute past the witching hour,” Jonathan Harker thought to himself. As he formed the words inside his skull, they sounded artificially awkward. It was as if someone had whispered in his ear so quietly and deliberately that he had mistaken the message as his own. Jonathan had never been one to feed into the superstitious, a fact he was proud of. In his experiences, there was always a reason for the things that go ‘bump in the night’. Yet, for some odd reason, since he had come to this place, with its nigh-constant fog, he had found himself shying from shadows more frequently. It also didn’t help that the small town in which he’d spent the previous night was populated by the most unsettling of folk, a jumpy group of people that fill their time by perpetuating rumors of ghouls that haunt the night and fear the sun.

    All of it was nonsense, of course. Granted, there was a mystical power that flowed through the world and people have found ways to manipulate that aura for either noble or devious purposes. But the thought of otherworldly entities stalking the living, drawing nutrients from blood and enchanting young women, was preposterous. Jonathan rested his head against the back of his seat, becoming very aware of the late hour and the toll it was starting to take on him. Letting his head loll to the side, he cast his gaze out the carriage window, hoping the stillness of night would calm his nerves. As he looked toward the decrepit castle he was destined for, he managed to catch sight of a company of bats taking their leave of the aging estate.

    Victoriana is a version of the Victorian world in 1866 with a steampunk twist, as well as fantastical elements such as ogres, elves, and magic. This game will see the players take on the role of gutter-runners: low class men and women who help themselves and others because no one else can, as they work to find a murderer preying on the weak and downtrodden – a murderer who may be from the highest part of London society. They will use magic, science, steam, and a fair amount of low cunning and high adventure in order to accomplish their goals, if they’re up to the task. The game’s system is very simple and requires no prior experience, running entirely on a simple d6 mechanic. The game involves mature themes as a matter of course, so please, no one under the age of 15. But if you’re up for a challenge in a fantastic world with an excellent system, come, bring your personality and your imagination and let the wicked, wonderful world of Victoriana do the rest.

    Game #3 – The Devil We Know, Pt. 1: Shipyard Rats
    Pathfinder Society
    4-6 Players
    GM – Joshua Archer

    Simultaneous kidnappings of Pathfinder and Aspis Consortium agents haved rocked Cassomir’s Imperial Naval Shipyards, and the Pathfinder Society orders you to join forces with hated Aspis agents to solve the mystery. Can you work together with the enemies of the Society to uncover the source of the kidnappings, or will you perish in the shipyards of Cassomir?

    This product is a Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 3rd level characters (Tiers: 1–5). Players may build characters according to the Pathfinder Society Play rules. I will have some ready-built characters for those who do not have their own. I will also assist those wishing to create PFS characters via email or on the forum. Find out more about Pathfinder Society here.

    July GRPA Event: Monday, July 25th 6-11pm
    Please call the store (415.457.8698) or (Email Us) to reserve a spot in any of the above games.