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    Firestorm: Bagration Across the Bay

    November 9, 2011

    Because we had so much fun running Flames of War Firestorm: Normandy earlier in the year, we’ve decided to brave the winter by once again teaming up with our intrepid comrades in the East Bay for another awesome campaign! This Saturday, November 12th kicks off our cross-Bay Firestorm: Bagration campaign with EndGame in Oakland. Registration will start as early as 12:30pm, and the offensive will commence at 1:00pm sharp. If you have any questions about what’s expected, you’re welcome to contact us here at the store.

    We have the entire campaign schedule printed below, which will be alternating between Sundays at EndGame and Saturdays at Gamescape North. The more people show up for these events, the more battles may take place, which makes for more dynamic game turns. As usual, we’ll have prizes at the end of the campaign for the most heroic, suicidal, or successful commanders, so come participate when you can!

    From Aaron, the inter-store campaign coordinator:

    Historically-correct armies are preferred but not required. Those who can bring both sides are encouraged to do so, especially on the opening day. The campaign is scheduled to run for 12 sessions as the Market Garden and Normandy campaigns did, alternating between Gamescape and Endgame. You can attend any or all of the campaign days. While the schedule is still being finalized, the campaign will not conflict with either the 2011 or 2012 Norcal Tournament Circuit. 

    Standard Firestorm rules will be in effect with two exceptions. First, defenders will not take attackers’ locations on a successful defense (this is how we played it in Normandy and it seemed to work well). Second, Cauldron on the scenario table will be replaced with Witch’s Cauldron (from Hellfire and Back). We may later decide to add some other scenarios for variety.

    Firestorm: Bagration Schedule of Events

    Sat 12th – Gamescape (Launch)
    Sun 20th – EndGame
    Sat 26th – Gamescape

    Sun 4th – EndGame
    Sat 10th – Gamescape
    Sun 18th – NorCal FoW 2011 Event @ EndGame

    Sun 8th – EndGame
    Sat 14th – Gamescape
    Sun 22nd – EndGame
    Sat 28th – Gamescape

    Sun 5th – EndGame
    Sat 11th – Gamescape
    Sun 19th – EndGame (Finale)
    Sat 25th – 1st NorCal FoW 2012 Event @ Gamescape AND NorCal FoW 2011 Awards!