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    Warhammer 40K Tanksgiving

    November 21, 2011


    This Tuesday, November 22nd, Gamescape’s regular Warhammer 40K night will be overtaken with the roaring guns and armored columns of the 41st Millennium! A massive battlefield will be staged in which dozens of brave tank commanders will seek to eliminate as many other armored foes as they can. The time of the year has arrived – it’s Tanksgiving!

    All you need to do to participate in this event is bring your favorite Warhammer 40K tank, upgraded to your liking with a legal data sheet for us to check. What classifies as a tank? Any vehicle with the keyword ‘Tank’ in its profile. Easy as that. The fun begins at 6:00pm. Prizes will be awarded to overall winners and a special prize will be given out to the ‘prettiest’ tank of the day. After all, prettier tanks fight better!

    For participants with less tank-inclined armies of the Grim Darkness (where there can be only war), the following exceptions will be allowed:

    Tyranids: Any Monstrous Creature with no more than 4 Wounds.
    Necrons: Monolith, Ghost/Doomsday Ark.
    Dark Eldar: Raider, Ravager, Talos Pain Engine, Cronos Parasite Engine.
    Tanks (including Super-Heavies) found in Imperial Armour will be allowed as long as a data sheet is attached.

    Some helpful hints on game strategy: The more expensive your vehicle is points-wise, the worse it is for you when it goes up in smoke. There will be some fun objectives as well, so Fast Vehicles and Skimmers might find themselves at an advantage when compared to slower, heavy-gunned behemoths.


    Warhammer 40K Tanksgiving 2011
    Tuesday, November 22nd 6-10pm
    Time to give TANKS.