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    L5R Emperor Edition Pre-Release

    February 14, 2012

    The new cycle of the L5R CCG is beginning! Legend of the Five Rings Emperor Edition launches the next chapter in a unique card game of honor, enlightenment, and combat. On Saturday, Feb 18th, we will be holding the second of our pre-release events for this set. Saturday’s tournament will be a sealed deck event. You will receive one of the new Emperor Edition starter decks from a random clan along with four Emperor Edition booster packs. With these tools you will construct the deck that you will use to try and win glory and honor for your clan. AEG is providing a special edition card for the clan that registers the most wins in the tournament.
    Directly from the lips of Imperial Herald Miya Masatsuko:

    “Starting February 17th and continuing until February 19th, there will be a pre-release event for the starter decks, which once again will be for Stronghold Stores only to participate in. There shall be a second storyline tournament for this event, and this time the format must be sealed deck. There will be a different participation promo for this event. Emperor Edition in its entirety shall then release on February 27th. Stronghold Stores, and Stronghold Stores only, may begin selling Emperor Edition in their stores, starting with the above pre-release dates.”

    Gamescape is a new but very proud Stronghold Store, and we’re very excited to hold this event for our players. The community is growing. Come play with us and discover why L5R is so strong.

    L5R Emperor Edition Pre-Release Tournament
    Saturday, February 18th 6-10pm

    Where: Gamescape North, San Rafael