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    Pathfinder Beginner Box Demo II

    February 20, 2012

    This Sunday is a great day for heroes, for magic, and for adventure! Once again, two of our excellent local GMs, Joshua and Alex, will be running introductory sessions of the Pathfinder RPG for anyone who would like to give it a try. They will each be taking willing players through a series of four scenarios specifically designed for the amazing Pathfinder Beginner BoxRelics, Ruins, Terrors, and Tomes will be the challenges, and all we need are some intrepid, heroic souls to see what’s inside!

    If this sounds like a challenge that YOU are willing to make, come visit us this Sunday, February 26th for a fun, free gaming experience. Each GM will be running the adventures throughout the day starting at 12 noon and ending at 6:00pm. You need to bring absolutely nothing but your spirit of adventure, as Joshua and Alex will be providing dice, paper, and pre-generated characters for you to use. They’ll give you a brief introduction to the rules and a deeper background to the story, and then off you’ll go!

    So if this is your idea of a Sunday well-spent, give us a call at the store and reserve a spot in one of the sessions. We’ll write your name down and save your place as long as you promise to show up on time, ready to delve into some dungeons. Time to strap on that armor…