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    Designers Guild Meeting

    March 6, 2012

    Our next Game Designers Guild meeting is coming up this Saturday, March 10th at 6-10pm. If this is the first time you’re hearing about the Guild, we’ve been hosting monthly meetings at the store where our brilliant cadre of local designers can playtest game prototypes, meet-n-greet each other, and discuss any or all aspects of board game design and manufacture. Everyone is welcome, whether you have your own game prototype, an idea for a game, or just want to get a behind-the-scenes look at the different processes of design and production.

    Each meeting begins with a round of scheduled playtests, where participants have a chance to try one of several pre-selected prototypes, followed by a free-form session for open playtesting and discussions around board game design, development, and publishing.

    This month the guild is going to be talking about what to do with your game after you’ve put in all the hours for development and playtesting. How do you actually get your baby published? There are so many winding roads to follow! If you have experience in navigating this maze, please bring along your stories – successful or not – as there are many people who have questions about the process. Through the evening, we’ll be talking and sharing ideas about bringing games to market.

    As always, feel free to pop in and say hello on the GDG board on our forums. You’ll find a great community of designers talking about a variety of game-related subjects. Hope to see you!