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    WHFB Escalation

    March 29, 2012

    In a small valley far south of the Empire, a band of Generals – some young, some old, and even some who are dead – prepare to take the fantasy world by storm!

    Growing tired of the “new” ways of the Old World, Tomb Prince Ransakhep – whose tombs and pyramid have been stripped of all wealth (even his tattered robes are gone!) – commands his Lichen High Priest Gettemback to amass an army of considerable power in order to return his gold, gems, and clothing from the vile usurpers.

    Hearing that the undead Prince is gathering his forces to attack, rival Generals in The Valley have responded by marshalling their own forces in an effort to counter this growing threat and maintain the balance of power in the area. Unfortunately, none of the Generals know what the others are doing, and so each are quite surprised when Ransakhep begins his march, and everyone responds to the challenge of battle resulting in an escalating feat of arms!

    Gamescape is hosting a Warhammer Fantasy league in one of our favorite formats: Escalation! Starting on Saturday, March 31st and running until Saturday, May 12th – a total of four sessions – we’ll be running story-driven Warhammer battles for prizes and glory. There’s a ton of things planned, including special daily contests and a big three-round tournament at the end of the league. Nick has the entire plan charted on our forum, so make sure to check it out and read up if you’re interested in being a part. This is going to be some serious fun, and it’s only going to get bigger and better!

    Warhammer Fantasy Battles Escalation League
    Saturday, March 31st to Saturday, May 12th
    Things are gonna heat UP!