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    Infantry Aces!

    April 6, 2012


    Stretching from the Sangro River on the Adriatic coast, through the Appenine Mountains, and to the Garrigliano River on the western Tyrrhenian coast, the Gustav Line was a combination of concrete bunkers set into Europe’s rugged terrain. The only practical route of attack was up Route Six to Rome, via the town of Cassino. Yet Cassino was fortified, lay behind the Rapido River, and was in turn overlooked by the peak of Monte Cassino, crowned by a castle and monastery.

    In April, we’ll be recreating the epic struggle for Cassino at Gamescape North in San Rafael and Endgame in Oakland (but with a lot less mud), using the the Flames of War Infantry Aces escalation campaign system from the Cassino campaign book. The first session is this Saturday, April 7th 1-6pm, right here at Gamescape North. We will then switch off between stores, following the schedule below.

    In order to play, you will need 600 points from a Late-War infantry company to start with, and we’ll be building from there on a weekly basis. The company commander of your force will be gaining experience and abilities from the games. Full details can be found on the forums, and an overview of Infantry Aces is posted on the Battlefront website. New players are welcome, as we’ll surely have enough extra models to be loaned for those interested in joining for the first time. Hope to see you on the mountain!
    Saturday, April 7th – Gamescape North
    Sunday, April 15th – Endgame
    Saturday, April 21st – Gamescape North
    Sunday, April 29th – Endgame
    Saturday, May 5th – Gamescape North
    Sunday, May 13th – Endgame
    Saturday, May 19th – Gamescape North (Last day of combat with a Total War-style mega-battle!)


    Flames of War Infantry Aces Escalation League
    Saturday, April 7th to Saturday, May 19th
    Dig in for the long haul!