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    Summer is Coming…

    April 13, 2012

    If you’re a fan of George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, then you’ve got a lot to be happy about right now. Whether you’ve been reading the books as they’ve come out or you’ve only recently been exposed to the story through the HBO series, just about everyone is being transported to the world of Westeros on a regular basis and loving every minute of it. It’s also the perfect setting for a gaggle of great games that let you share the adventure with some friends – or that let you destroy them, leaving only husks where friends once were.

    Either way, we’ve got you covered! Check out the GoT titles from Fantasy Flight Games we currently have in stock:
    A Game of Thrones Board Game 2nd Ed (Fantasy Flight, 3-6 players, 2-4 hours $59.95)
    This is one of the first games based on the novels and still one of the best. Longtime gamers you will know that this owes a lot to the classic backstabber, Diplomacy. But even if that doesn’t mean much to you this is not one to just pass by. Filled with deal-making and deal-breaking, this game captures the feel of the stories perfectly. Each player has to navigate political and military obstacles as they vie for geographic power. The winner is the one that can capture and hold the most cities – regardless of who gets in the way. Part of what makes the game so good is the balance: no player can just march in and take the cities they need. You will have to form alliances to survive, but when do you turn on that alliance to capture the victory? The game was off the shelves for quite a while, but now there’s a newly-redone 2nd edition that takes all of the best ideas from the old expansions and puts them all into one game. Come give it a try at one of our Thursday Board Game Nights.
    A Game of Thrones Living Card Game (Fantasy Flight, 2-4 players, 1-2 hours, $39.95)
    A brilliant concept in card games, FFG’s Living format makes it so the story keeps expanding without you having to buy hundreds of random packs just to keep up. GoT LCG has host of cards with which each player must build a deck that represents one of the six Great Heroes of Westeros, making for vast replayability. Using a combination of military might, diplomacy, and power challenges, each Hero vies for the Iron Throne and control of Westeros. The core set has plenty to keep you occupied, but when you’re ready for the monthly Chapter Packs ($14.95 each), each one has new cards and new mechanics in a fixed-distribution format, so there’s no obsessive collecting to deal with. Unless you enjoy obsessively collecting, of course.
    Battles of Westeros (Fantasy Flight, 2 players, 1-2 hours, $79.95)
    Based on the award-winning system game system found in Richard Borg’s Memoir ’44, Battle Cry, and Commands & Colors, Battles of Westeros is a two-player tactical battle game played with a horde of finely-sculpeted plastic miniatures. It uses a modular board that allows a nearly infinite variety of battlefields and scenarios – some directly from the books and others that players can set up themselves. Actions on the field are driven by a hand of cards that limit what you can do based on the draw, but victory or defeat is determined by how well you use the resources given to you. The production on Battles of Westeros is top-notch and will appeal to anyone that loves lots of pretty pieces. The base game includes armies for House Lannister and House Stark, but there are a host of reinforcement packs for those armies and additional expansion packs for some of the other Houses, all available at the store.